Lego House *Addicted Sequel*

*Sequel to Addicted*
It had been 3 years since Emily left Harry at the airport. She was strong again and more famous and more successful than ever. She had finally gotten over Jacques. Yes, she still mourned his death, but she was ready to love again. She was on her way back to London, a place that she could truly call her home. But what if the man that she loves doesn't want her? What if he has moved on? A week before Emily is set to go home, she find out that Harry was done waiting. She doesn't blame him. But she really didn't like the fact that she had to find out that Harry was back together with Taylor Swift through a magazine. Hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and harsh words will be said. But in the end, can you really leave behind the one that had you Addicted?
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11. Best and Worst, Yet Perfect

Chapter Nine

            Hey guys, I’m so sorry that it’s taken so long to update. The past two weeks have been spring break and I’ve been slowly writing everything. I feel like I owe you all an explanation, especially because I believe that my experience will probably be put into my writing. I don’t know if you could call it love, but I definitely fell in something this spring break. I met a boy through a family friend. My mom suggested that we meet because he seemed super nice. He’s a year older than I, turning 19 soon. He is from Australia while I am from Canada. We had an amazing time together. My mom doesn’t usually like my boyfriends, and she usually urges me to have time apart, but Jack became a part of our family. He’s kind, intelligent, and extremely cheeky. He taught me how to slow down my life and enjoy the little things, while I taught him to open up and share his emotions. I didn’t know how possible it was to feel so connected to someone in such a small amount of time. He quickly became a part of me. And then I had to say goodbye and I know I will see him again, but not often enough to maintain a relationship. I cried the whole car ride home, to be honest. I’ve been hurt many times by some not so nice guys, and saying bye was hard, but in the end I always knew that it was better for me. But saying goodbye to someone who treated you like gold, and who you still want to be with is heartbreaking. I know he will always be there for me and in my life, but it’s hard to say bye. He’s set the bar for every single man that comes into my life, and I will forever compare them to him just to make sure they are good enough for me, because now I know that I am capable of being loved properly. I deserve someone who will treat me right. Anyways, that’s kind of my story, and I thought you all deserved to know why I have been too preoccupied to write. Enjoy the chapter, I know I did. ;) xx


Emily Binks. She was the best thing that had ever happened to Harry Styles and also the worst. She had the ability to make him feel like he was on top of the world, but she was also capable of making him feel like nothing. Like he wasn’t even worthy of being alive. And right now, Harry wished he really was nothing. Living life without Emily was one of the most difficult things he had ever done and he was finished with trying to do so. He would get her back no matter what it took. He wasn’t about to leave it up to fate anymore. He couldn’t keep sitting around and wishing, because wishes don’t come true. You have to make it happen for yourself.


            “To be fair, Matisse was trying to break up your relationship.” Louis had Emily on speakerphone while he was making himself breakfast.

            “But if Harry and I are going to try again he needs to learn to trust me.” Emily whined, not giving in. She didn’t want Louis to be rational right now, she just wanted to complain.

            “Emily, shut up. He does trust you. He loves you more than anything else in the world. You need to give him a chance. He’s trying, he really is, and you need to do the same.”

            “I was trying until he decided to go and date Taylor Swift.”

            “Emily, stop being such a baby and get back together with the love of your life.” Louis shot back.

            “Fine, you suck.” Emily pouted one last time before hanging up on Louis. She knew he was right. He always seemed right when it came to her relationship with Harry. Then again, Louis was in a completely perfect and successful relationship with Eleanor and had been for a long time. Maybe she just needed to relax and let things happen with Harry. She really had nothing to lose. If it didn’t work out, then they would know that maybe they just weren’t meant to be. And as if on cue, there was a knock at Emily’s door.

            “Harry.” Emily stated, she wasn’t surprised. It was so Harry to show up on her doorstep the day after a fight. He always gave her just enough time to cool down so she would listen to his side.

            “I love you.” Harry replied to her, taking a step into her house, closing the door behind him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, spinning her around, pressing her back firmly against the door. “But I also hate you, too.” He pressed his forehead against hers, his breath quickening.

            “Uhm, thank you?” Emily wasn’t quite sure what was happening. He loved and hated her? She wasn’t sure which fact she should focus on first.

            “I love you because you make me so happy. Just one little thing and I can be on top of the world. I love the way you care so much about everything. I love the way you need me just as much as I need you. But I hate the way that you can make me feel so angry, and sad, and pissed off at the same time. I hate that you have the ability to make me feel worthless. But you know what? I think it’s worth it. I think that you are worth it, and I will not give up until you are mine. You are the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me, but that is what makes us perfect. Forever and always, right?” He was staring deep into her eyes, his breath fanning over her face as its sweet smell intoxicated her. She felt like her 20 year old self again, back when Harry Styles was her drug, her everything, her addiction. Back when they were lovesick children who couldn’t get enough of each other. And there she was, taking the plunge with Harry again. There she was letting his touch, his voice, his smell control her every move. There she was figuring out that no matter where she was, who she was with, or what she was doing, Harry Styles was always going to be the one for her. And if she didn’t know it already, the moment he pressed his soft, plump lips on hers, Emily Binks fell in love with Harry Styles all over again.

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