Lego House *Addicted Sequel*

*Sequel to Addicted*
It had been 3 years since Emily left Harry at the airport. She was strong again and more famous and more successful than ever. She had finally gotten over Jacques. Yes, she still mourned his death, but she was ready to love again. She was on her way back to London, a place that she could truly call her home. But what if the man that she loves doesn't want her? What if he has moved on? A week before Emily is set to go home, she find out that Harry was done waiting. She doesn't blame him. But she really didn't like the fact that she had to find out that Harry was back together with Taylor Swift through a magazine. Hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and harsh words will be said. But in the end, can you really leave behind the one that had you Addicted?
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2. 3 Years Later...

So I put a lot of thought and effort into this Sequel. I am loving the direction (One Direction :P) that it's going in, and I want to make it more mature, detailed, and a little bit more heartbreaking. I think it will be a while until Harry and Emily are close again. It will be written only in third person now. I hope you all enjoy the direction I've taken it. Let me know in the comments section below. I will update  it with the 2nd chapter once it reaches 30 likes!

Chapter One

            Emily folded all her clothes neatly. She placed them gently into her suitcase. She had a week before she was going back to London. She was excited, nervous, and happy. She missed London. It had been three years since she had been there. And as much as she hated to admit it, in the time that she had lived there, it had replaced Vancouver and become her home. London was just where she belonged. She felt as though she belonged to something else too. To be more exact, someone else. She knew he had been carrying on, dating other people, and being well, Harry. But she knew that in the end, none of it was serious, because he loved her. Over the past couple years she had received many drunken calls, and texts. And to be honest, sometimes she liked them. It reminded her that she had something to look forward to. In her time in Vancouver she had grown as a person. Now, at 23 years old, she was rich, successful, and world famous. She was designing dresses and outfits for some of the most famous people in the world. She always put on a great show for the worlds variety of Fashion Weeks. She was her own person. She also somehow, in her own way, got over Jacques. She thought about him less and less and she was finally able to come to the acceptance that yes, she loved him more than she could have imagined, but maybe he was gone for a reason. He had taught her so much. He had taught her how to love, to let her walls down, to keep going, to dream, and how to have fun. And now she would honor his memory in a different way than before. Instead of hating the fact that he was gone, she was going to love the fact that she had the chance to have him at one point in her life. She was finally ready for Harry Styles.

            “Shit.” She muttered as she opened the fridge. It was around noon, and Emily hadn’t eaten yet, and she had now discovered that her fridge was empty. She threw on a jacket, grabbed her keys, and stepped out into the cold February air. Last night had been Harry’s 24th birthday. She had texted him, telling him she hoped he had a wonderful day, and night and she couldn’t wait to catch up when she came back to London. As Emily walked to the super market, she smiled, thinking that maybe she and Harry would finally get their chance, and that she would make sure they did it right this time. She walked into the market and let the warmth run through her body. Her faced burned where the warm air had hit her face.

            “Oh my god! It’s Emily Binks!” Emily turned around to be confronted with a woman, probably the same age as her, or a little bit younger, smiling brightly in her face.

            “That would be me!” She let out a light laugh. She was used to being noticed these days. The press had weaseled out the whole story of her and Harry and milked it out for months. Everyone knew who she was now.

            “I am a huge fan! Can I get an autograph?” The girl searched through her purse for a note pad and handed it to Emily, along with a pen.

            “Sure! Who should I make it out to?”

            “Jen!” The girl shrieked, obviously in disbelief that she had met THE Emily Binks.

            “Alright, it was nice to meet you Jen.” Emily signed the notepad, adding a “thanks for the support. It was lovely to meet you x”.

            “Oh my gosh, you’re just the sweetest! Thank you! Oh and by the way, I’m sorry to hear about Harry and Taylor. I really thought he would wait for you. And I never really liked Taylor much either.” The girl flashed Emily a smile and walked away. Emily stood in her place, absolutely frozen to the ground. Harry and who? Taylor? As in Taylor Swift? The girl who tried to tarnish his name with multiple songs written about how much he was a player? The girl he swore he was over? The girl he said never amounted to anything close to Emily? What.A.Jerk. Emily took a deep breath, reminding herself that it could just be a rumor. And she knew exactly where to go to find out about rumors. She made her way over to the magazine stand, reaching for the first one she could find, knowing very well that if Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were back together, it would be on all of the magazines.

            “No.” Was the only word that came to mind as she stared at the cover of People Magazine. She pulled a five dollar bill out of her pocket and handed it to the cashier, muttering for him to keep the change. Suddenly, she had lost her appetite.


            “Harry, you’re going to have to tell her before someone else does. Besides, she’s coming back in a week.” Niall pointed out to his curly haired friend.

            “I know, but I’m scared.” Harry whined, he really was a child at heart.

            “Suck it up Haz. She was scared when she left, knowing fully well that this was a possibility. As much as we care about her, she has no right to be mad. She told you to go on with your life and not put it on hold for her.” Niall was right, and they all knew it. They had kept in good contact with her while she was gone, Zayn even stopping in Vancouver, with Perrie, to visit her. Zayn and Perrie had gotten back together while Emily was gone, and were stronger than ever. But it was the truth, Emily had no claim over Harry anymore, and even though he had tried to wait, it’s not like he had the intention of getting back together with Taylor, it just happened.

            “I tried to wait. I tried so hard.” Harry stared at the number typed into his phone. Of course he had her number memorized.

            “Uh, lads?” Liam looked up from him phone, which he had been staring at blankly for a while, “I think it’s a little late.” Liam blinked at his screen.

            “Sorry Daddy Direction, but it’s only 10 PM, we’re big boys, and I think we can stay up a little bit longer.” Louis rolled his eyes at Liam, giving him the signature Tomlinson sass.  

            “No, I mean, it’s too late to tell her.” Liam held out his phone as the boys crowded around it to see what the hell Liam was talking about.

            “Fuck.” Harry stared at the iPhone screen. The contact was Emily. There before his eyes there was a picture of Harry and Taylor kissing at the club where Harry had held his birthday party.

            “Well, I guess the cats out of the bag then!” Louis exclaimed, attempting to lighten the mood.

            “I think I’m going to go to bed now.” Harry muttered, ignoring the protests of his friends. He knew what they were all thinking, he could easily break up with Taylor and get back together with Emily, but it really wasn’t that easy. He liked Taylor, she was sweet, simple, and she really seemed to like him. She didn’t ask him to change for her, and he didn’t expect her to go out of her way to be something else for him. She didn’t push him to be a better person or anything like that. Sure, it wasn’t an intense passion where he would crave her every single moment of the day, and he certainly had never dreamt of her, but she was just…safe. The thought of getting back together with Emily scared the crap out of Harry. Although he had waited, and he thought he was going to be able to, the walls had managed to build themselves up, and he was terrified. Terrified that she was going to take his heart and smash it to pieces again. After years of feeling broken over her, Harry wasn’t about to let that happen again. He made his way to his underwear drawer in the wardrobe and slid it open. His fingers automatically found the little red velvet box. He ran his thumb over the soft material, closing his eyes, remembering that day. The day when his world fell apart.


            “Emily, will you marry me?” He could hear her heavy breathing and the sound of his heart pounding against his chest. She stared at him, tears falling down her beautiful face.

            “Oh Harry.” Her hand fluttered to her chest, clutching the skin over her heart, like if she squeezed hard enough, maybe the pain would go away.

            “Emily, please. Please say yes. I want you, I need you. I honestly don’t think I can live without you.” Harry remained on his knee, ignoring the stares and gasps from everyone around them.

            “Harry, it’s beautiful.” Emily gazed at the ring. It really was everything she had ever dreamed of. Simple, elegant, and beautiful. And the way he had chased her down in the airport and risked it all was even better than the ways she had dreamt of. But something in her heart was telling her this wasn’t right. Because if now was the time for them, it wouldn’t hurt this much.

            “You’re beautiful.” He picked up the ring in his fingers, bringing it to her hand. He paused in front of her finger, smiling at her, hopefully. Maybe the boys were right, maybe this would work. But by the look in her eyes, he knew all hope was lost. She pulled her hand away from the ring; not letting him slid it on.

            “I’m sorry.” She whispered. And that’s when Harry Styles truly broke. That’s when he became someone that even he didn’t recognize.


            Emily sat down in her seat on the plane, her eyes drooping. She hadn’t eaten very much in the past week. Paul had come over and forced one good meal into her while he helped her pack up, but other than that, she wasn’t really hungry. She was numb to everything. Harry had called her the next day, saying he was sorry that she had to find out by the magazine, but he was happy, and he had moved on. Emily vaguely remembered telling him she understood. But in reality, she still hadn’t processed the fact that after everything, it was over.

            “Ladies and gentleman, thank you for flying with Air Canada. We have arrived at our destination. It is 5:15 in the afternoon, and the weather is 3 degrees Celsius. On behalf of Air Canada, we hope to see you soon.” Emily groaned as her muscles unlatched as she stretched out in her seat. Once the seatbelt sign was off, she got up and grabbed her carry on out of the overhead department. She made sure she was at the very front of the plane so she could get off and avoid the crowds. She followed the long corridor from the plane back to the airport, the excitement building in her. She already felt like she was at home. Even though Harry wasn’t hers anymore, she had the rest of the lads, and her whole life ahead of her. Once she was finally through customs, she made her way through the doors. She had called Liam asking him to pick her up and take her back to her old flat.

            “Emily! Emily! Emily!” she was greeted with the girlish screams of four fully grown men.  Her face broke out into a smile, and she ran towards them.

            “Leeeyyuuummmm!” Emily ran into Liam’s strong arms, letting him hold her close. He wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her and spinning her around. She threw her head back, giggling.

            “Oh, I see how it is. You leave for a little bit and all of a sudden Liam’s your favourite.” Louis pouted his lips as Emily looked up with him with big eyes.

            “Oh Lou, you know I could never replace you.” She smiled, grabbing his hand and pulling her into a hug.

            “I’m sorry he’s not here.” Louis whispered into her ear.

            “I understand, don’t worry.” She let Louis go, letting Zayn pull her into his familiar chest.

            “Good to see you again, Em.” He said softly, in an intimate tone like they were the only ones in the room. Emily let out a sigh, she was finally home again.

            “I missed you, big guy. How’s Perrie?” Emily had taken quite a liking to Perrie when they had come to visit her.

            “She’s great. She can’t wait to see you. I think she wasn’t to throw you a welcome home party and take you shopping.” Zayn’s face lit up at the sound of his girlfriend’s name.

            “Emily! Now you can cook for me again!” Niall jumped onto Emily, and she staggered back, trying to hold his weight.

            “Err—Niall, aren’t I supposed to jump on you?” She let out a moan when he put his feet back on the ground. He kept his arms snaked around her waist.

            “But I’m just so excited to see you!” He was practically jumping for joy.

            “You’re crazy Niall, but I’m happy to see you, too.” She squeezed him back, burying her face in his chest.

            “Oi, mate, mind if I say hi?” Emily’s heart sped up at the sound of the raspy voice behind her.

            “But—Lou said—I—Uh….Hello. Hi.” Emily was at a loss for words, she looked over to Louis who just smirked and winked at her.

            “How are you, Ems?” He stood in front of her awkwardly, his hands shoved deep into his pockets, not sure of what he was supposed to do.

            “I’m, uh, I’m good, actually. Excited to be back. You?” She finally found her words. It wasn’t like she had imagined it to be like. She couldn’t run into his arms, she couldn’t cry, she couldn’t kiss him, because he had a girlfriend now, and she was numb.

            “I’m lovely.” At that moment, his phone rung, he looked down at the flashing name, suddenly feeling guilty, “Erhm, will you excuse me for a moment? I have to take this.” He held up a finger, backing away from his former lover.

            “Hey babe.” Harry said into his phone, leaving Emily frozen in place.

            “Uh, come on, let’s get you home.” Liam easily slung his arm around Emily’s shoulders and led her away from the curly haired boy who was talking like a love sick school boy in front of his ex-girlfriend.

            “Okay.” Was all Emily could manage because it felt like her heart had lodged itself in her throat.

            “Em, it will all work out, I promise.” Liam tightened his grip around her, pulling her through the large crowd of people.

            “Liam, stop.” She wriggled out of his grip, the palm of her hand pressed against her chest.

            “No, Emily, we just have to get you home.” He reached for her hand, but she pulled away.

            “Liam, I can’t breathe.” She let out a loud sob, finally letting herself feel everything that she had been denying herself for the past week.

            “Come on, babe, let’s get you away from all of this.” He grabbed her before she fell to the ground in heartbreak, cradling her fragile body in his arms.


            “Sod off, mate, she’s asleep.” Liam stood in front of his bedroom door.

            “Liam, why is she in your bed? We could have taken her home.” Harry tried to push past his friend.

            “Because I don’t want her to wake up alone and in an empty flat. I’ll sleep on the couch, don’t worry. Not that you should care, you have a girlfriend now, Haz.” Liam scoffed at his mate. He really thought Harry would have waited.

            “I WAITED THREE YEARS, LIAM.” Harry thundered at his friend.

            “I know, you did, Harry. But she waited for you, too. She was completely celibate while she was at home. It’s not like she wanted to leave you, but she did it so when she got back, you guys could have it like it was always meant to be, forever. And maybe you’re happy with Taylor, I get that. She’s a really nice girl, but she’s not IT for you. But if you want to waste your time falling in love with someone that you’re never going to be truly happy with, then fine, go do that, but don’t get mad when Emily finally moves on too, and ends up with someone else.” Harry scowled at his friends words. Emily would never move on, she was his. But how could she be his if he now belonged to someone else?


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