Moon Risen

Dominique Parker: A 18 y/o singer with a cheeky attitude and a smirk practically implanted on her face.

Ava MacMillan: A 5 y/o stuck in a 21 year old's body. She's got sass, swag, ass, and talent. Not to mention she's basically forever young.

Madison Cercel: She's just a 19 year old girl with no regrets. Kind hearted Maddie is oblivious to the fact that, no matter how big her obsession with High School Musical and Nemo is, she'll always be the mature on.

Colby Budge: She's 18, but she acts like she's an adorable 7 y/o. She's cute, funny, and can eat everything in her sight without gaining weight!

Angel Chords: Her name is what she is: a musical angel. Despite her mysterious look, and her multiple tattoos and piercings, she's a sweetie at heart.

These 5 girls make Moon Risen, a band about loving yourself and others around you. When they become an opening act for the biggest boy band around, can they keep their sanity.
Not to mention they all barely are holding on?


1. Colby


"Colbs, Angel, we gotta go!" Dominique called to Angel and I.

Angel has to share a room with someone, and I got her. She has a terrible nightmare disorder, and she's a sleep cuddle-r. I sleep cuddle too, so it's not a problem.

"Okay!" Angel groaned, rolling out of bed.

Since we're all girls, we don't mind changing in front of each other. So, we change in front of each other. Angel was wearing a lose-fitting black blouse, a brown belt around her ribs, and super skinny black skinny jeans. She put on her sneakers and her varsity jacket, and was ready to go. I put on a purple blouse, green skinny jeans, and purple UGGs. I put my hair in a ponytail, and we skipped out the room.

"There you are!" Ava pointed at us.

She was wearing a striped pink shirt with light blue skinny jeans and beige TOMs. Dominique followed close behind, her white sundress twirling around and her bright blue tights caught our attention. She had brown combat boots on. Madison came up, wearing her typical plaid shirt with skinny jeans and VANs.

"Hey hey hey!" Angel spread her arms for a hug from Ava, it was her way of saying sorry.

"Lets go." Madison laughed, shaking her head. We all followed quickly behind, Angel scrambling to keep up.

"Where are we going?" I whined for the 50th time.

"To the recording studio, somebody wants to sign us." Ava snapped.

Ava reminds me of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. She's a bit annoying, and server rely wants to be a tiger. Angel, Dominique, Madison and I squealed loudly. Why did we not know about this?

"When did this happen?" Madison whined.

"Yesterday." Ava mocked.

"We're being signed by SYCO?" Angel screamed.

"Yup." Ava nodded, and we walked in the doors only to be greeted by Simon Cowell...

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