My Other Half

The other half of Cinderella


1. The first chapter

Cinderella knew her looks could deceive. She had such an innocent spirit, yet she was forced to do housework for her stepsisters and stepmother. They were the royals of the nation of Aworie. Her long blonde wavy hair was always in her face and her brown eyes always seemed to be glazed over. Most people just thought it was because of how hard she worked. There was more to it than that, though.

She was devising a plan to escape this house and once she had done that, she planned on marrying the prince of Ibryad. It would make her stepsisters furious! It was what she longed for, to fill them with the anger that filled her daily. She wanted to see them boil with the rage just as she did. She was forced to do filthy jobs for her stepsisters, and her stepmother did nothing to stop them. It made Cinderella burn, but that didn't matter. She would get her revenge.

She got on her hands and knees and began to scrub at the marble floors until they shined. People would have thought she was the maid, but she was a resident of this palace, and was also related to the three cows that lived in it.

Her father had raised her as a good child, who had the very best and never took advantange of it. She was kind, and put other people before herself. She was dressed nicely every day and she did the little town proud. 

That had all changed when her father was brutally murdered eight years ago, when Cinderella was only nine. She was now seventeen, and not half the girl she used to be. No longer did Cinderella dress in refined clothing, and she longed to trade her dirty old brown dress for those beautiful, silky blue ones that had the occasional pearl sewn onto the side here and there. She longed for the time to wash all the muck out of her hair and at least get it out of her eyes, but if she did that, she would just get more filth in her hair. She longed to sit back while others raced around her and did all these jobs instead of her. This family had the money to hire a dozen maids, so Cinderella never knew why she was the only one that cleaned every length of the massive marble staircase and each verandah that overlooked the city as the evening lights glistened in the light of the moon.

As she worked, she plotted. Within half an hour, she had a devious plan to restore her former glory and grasp her old, happy life. She knew that she would be able to live in wealth... if no one messed up her plan, that was.

Within that short, short time, Cinderella knew how to turn her life around. Even if it would cost her own family.

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