She's Not Afraid

(Harry Styles Fanfic)

Description: Andrea is in a band, The Mindless Imaginers, and she has to listen to her bestfriend, Ellie Peterson, talk about One Direction all the time and she doesn't even know who they are. One day she is playing at one of her gigs and a handsome curly haired guy approaches her.
Harry Styles hasn't dated for a long while nor has he had a fling with any girl. One night he goes to a pub that had a live band playing, The Mindless Imaginers, he sits down and sees the most beautiful girl he possibly has ever seen. After she is done he approaches her. Before he can anything two girls attack him with hugs the ones he saw up on stage with her.
Can Andrea trust him and let herself fall in love with him? Or should she walk away and go on with her life?


1. She's Not Afraid

Chapter 1 

"Andrea come on we are late for band practice!" Ellie yells. "Almost done!" I yell back. I'm already late and I just started doing my long tangly curly carmel brown hair. My chocolate brown eyes are plain, but are pretty I guess you could say because of my long thick eye lashes. My skin is tan and doesn't need any kind of acne treatment because I was the lucky one that missed the nasty stages of acne. I finish my hair and run out of my room grabbing my guitar on the way. I jump down the stairs. Ellie and I quickly drive to band practice. Yes I'm in a band. Not like the high school ones because I'm already out of high school and I live on my own and I skipped college. Jagger plays the guitar like me and is super hot. He's tan and wears board shorts and sometimes just leaves his shirt off, and you can see his perfect 8 pack. He has shaggy blonde hair and grey eyes. Rex is hot like Jagger. He has brown hair, green eyes, and He's tan. He does all the background music that we cant make with our guitars and he's the guy singer in our band. Ashton who is our drummer is skinny, has long blonde hair, has piercing blue eyes and she is tan. Ellie and her are my best friends. Ellie who is our official singer, even though I sing sometimes too, is tan, has brunette hair that reaches just below her shoulders,  and brown eyes. Well me, I'm crazy wild. I'm not afraid of anything. That's all you need to know. Anyway our band is called Mindless Imaginers. Ellie and I came up with it. Our band does covers of songs and we sometimes come up with our own songs. Our favorite bands to sing covers of are Imagine Dragons which is when the Jagger and Rex sing. Jagger and Rex also sing Daughtry, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Green Day, and Maroon5 . We sang one of Ellie Goulding songs called Anything Could Happen and Lights. We also sing some Rihanna, and Katy Perry. Ellie and Ashton have been trying to convince the boys to let them sing One Direction. I have no idea who One Direction is even though the girls say they are the best boy band. I've never even heard of them so I don't think we should sing covers for them. Anyway we get to Jagger's house which is where we practice. We have a gig tomorrow night at a famous bar. "Hello lovelies!" Jagger says. "Hey." Ellie and I say. "Let's get started." Jagger and Rex say.  We set up the rest of our stuff. "Ok so what are we singing?" I ask. ''Radioactive by Imagine  Dragons.'' 

After we were done we decided to go out to eat. We were half way done eating when Ellie says, or more like screams, ''Hey Andrea listen to this song!'' I listen to the song and the words sound like this, 'whenever I close my eyes I picture you there. I'm lookin out at the crowed you're everywhere. I'm watchin you from the stage yea. Something else I couldn't understand. But every time you wake up you're hearin me say goodbye! Baby you dont have to worry I'll be comin back for you! Back for you! Back for you! Baby I've been goin crazy so I'm comin back for you!' I stopped listening to the song and looked at Ellie. ''What's so special about that song?'' I ask. ''That's One Direction! Don't you think they're awesome?!'' She says. ''I guess they are petty good.'' I say.  ''Only good?! They're awesome! We really should do covers of their songs!'' She says. ''Ells we aren't doing covers for them.'' Jagger says. ''I agree. We shouldn't do covers for them.'' I said. ''Why not?!'' Ellie screamed her voice filled with anger. ''Because we just aren't.'' Jagger says getting up from the table after paying the bill. Ellie and Ashton pout and stomp away to their cars. I jog to catch up with them. ''Don't leave me you're my only way home.'' I say to Ellie. We drive off and go to my house. ''Ashton you sleeping over?'' I ask slowly walking into the living room. ''Yea I guess.'' She says flopping onto the couch. ''Alright. I'm gonna go change.'' I say walking up the stairs and into my room. What a day. I quickly change and go back down stairs after plugging my phone in. ''So you guys wanna watch a movie?'' I ask. ''Sure let's see whatcha have.'' They both say. I pull out The Butterfly Effect, Scary Movie 3, Pitch Perfect, Dumb&Dumber, The Notebook, Ted, Bad Teacher, and The Devil Wears Prada. We decided to go with The Butterfly Effect. I loved this movie. It was sad and sort of scary. I shoved the disk in and plopped down on the couch. Ashton and Ellie get up and go to the kitchen coming back minutes later with a bowl of popcorn, three Mountain Dews, Sour patch kids, and a big blanket. They sit down, put the drinks on the table, and put the blanket around us. I skip the previews and press play. He's in the room with all of the files and he pulls out a video of Kaylies birthday. He grabs a piece of paper and writes, ''If anyone finds this, it means my plan did work and I' already dead. but if I can somehow go back to the beginning all of this might be able to save her.'' It then says on the screen 12 years earlier. 

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