Click-A Liam Payne love story

Sammy is just a normal Aussie teenager apart from her obsession with One Direction! What happens when she wins one of the boys kik?


3. Miley Myers

Miley Myers



VAS HAPPENING? Greeting loved ones I’m Miley  Myers. Nice to meet you.


Okay, so I’m just completely  crazy .That’s it. I just am really crazy and I often do strange things which embarrasses  my friends and family but I love it! I am also a MASSIVE Directioner! Not as much  as Sammy though. Anyway good bye!

Facts about MEEEEEE!!!!!!

I’m the type of girl that can have a 3 hour conversation without getting bored.I just LOVE to talk.

I have brown eyes

I have dyed red hair

I have olive skin

I’m 19

My birthday is the 14th of November

I'm going Harvard to study law

I live by YOLO

I love One Direction

My favourite is Zayn Mailk from One Direction

Lazy mornings are the bomb

My best friend for EVER is Sammy!

My favourite food is PIZZZA, SHERBET AND COFFEE!!!

Zayn’s accent  makes me wobbly in the knees and sick in my stomach  (in a good way)

Only ever had one boyfriend. He was my dream. Now he is my nightmare.

My favourite saying: "Smile , and the whole world will smile with you. Laugh and they all think your on drugs."

That explains my life . When I smile they smile with me but when I just go completely  crazy and  have a laughing attack, all they say is “Are you on drugs?!”

I just have another laughing fit . I CANT HELP IT!

So that’s basically me. If you don’t like my personaitly.Go the poo away.



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