Click-A Liam Payne love story

Sammy is just a normal Aussie teenager apart from her obsession with One Direction! What happens when she wins one of the boys kik?


5. Chapter 3:More Skype sessions!

Chapter 3:More Skype sessions!


Sammy's P.O.V:So after my awkward Skype session with Liam and Miley, I really wanted a actual proper Skype session with Liam but once again I was tossing and turning about it.Do I wait for him to Skype me or do I Skype him but if I Skype him will it seem that I’m too desperate?

AGHHHHHHH! Boys are SO confusing!


So I have no idea what to do. Wait? Or Skype?


I need help, so when in need of help. Miley is always by the phone.

So I ring her.

1 ring gone,2 rings have gone. She usually picks up on the 3rd.3rd  ring and there she is.

“Hello?Helllllllloooo?Whats wrong? Are you okay?” Miley said


Typical Miley,she always answers like that.


Anyway I explained my dilemma and all she said is "hmmmmm..ok bye!"

With that she hung up and 2 minutes later she barged into my door. Miley lives 2 minutes away from my house.

We went and did our makeup,Hair and got changed into "better" clothles. My makeup is very natural I don’t wear much makeup. Just some mascara and Chap stick but on the other hand,Miley likes more makeup.

Miley’s make up and hair:

Sammy’s makeup and hair:

Mileys outfit:

Sammys outfit:

After we did our makeup and hair,It got to the nervous moment of skyping Liam.

I grabbed some sherbet and sat down near my laptop with Miley. First I sent him a message asking if it was ok to Skype now and of course he said yes.

So we called him and with in seconds he answers but to our surprise there are other members of One Direction! Holy cow bum. Theres Niall,Louis,Harry and who can forget the beautiful Zayn. When Miley sees Zayn she actually grabs my hand so hard, I scream "Ow! Miley!What was that for?". She just said " Sorry Mary made me do it!"

Well Mary is Mileys imaginary friend who she blames everything bad she does on.

The boys probably think shes some lunatic but she actually really is a lunatic.

Once again this Skype session was amazing, Its just so depressing knowing we will never meet them.

Zayn P.O.V

Wow.Wow.Wow.Those girls are fit!

Sam is just beautiful and laid back and Miley shes my type of girl.

Shes crazy,fun,loves to sleep, has a big smile and a bubbly personality.

But I know Liam fancies Sam, so I dib Miley! Hopefully Harry and Niall wont try and steal her.

Harrys P.O.V

After our skyping session with the girls I went up to my room to 'gather' my thoughts.

I really like Sammy but Liam fancies her, I bet Sammy could fall head over heels for me but I won't do that to poor Liam, he just came out of a 2 year realtionship.Or maybe he's not ready, maybe I could get her just in time!

Nialls P.O.V

That was fun, actually lots of fun.

I really like those girls. Like a lot but there not for me, I see them as the best friend type not the girlfriend type.

But as they say,Im waiting for my princess.



Authors Note! Please read!!!!

Hey guys!Im so sorry, you guys probs hate me.

Sorry for not updating its been really busy and school has started so I'm just getting used to it and I've just been really busy! I'm so sorry but I promise I'll update more!

Sorry for the short chapter love you guys!




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