Click-A Liam Payne love story

Sammy is just a normal Aussie teenager apart from her obsession with One Direction! What happens when she wins one of the boys kik?


4. Chapter 2:Isn't she lovely?

Chapter 2: Isn’t she lovely?


Liam’s P.O.V


So, I got home after a long day at the studio. I went to check my emails,Twitter,Instagram and other  internet stuff.Liams outfit after the studio:

I noticed a email from my good friend.

It said “Hey Liam! Can I give a fan your kik?”

I thought about it and I replied “sure but could they please follow these  people? (Writes peoples users to follow on Instagram.)

She replied with ‘sure!”

I was wondering which person would win my kik. Hope there nice!


3 hours later:  2pm

I get a kik message!

I think it's from the person, who won my kik,I'm actually sorta nervous.

She said “Hey Liam, I won your kik! How is your day going?” I soon replied “Hey,my day is going awesome! What about yours?”.


And from then on. We talked and talked. I learnt everything about her. She sounds like my dream girl.

I do seem a bit desperate since my girlfriend of 2 years left me. She said she didn’t feel the love. Well girl I got some news for you! I WAS COMMITED,I LOVED YOU TO DEATH,I WAS THE BEST BOYFRIEND YOU HAVE EVER HAD,YOU DIDN’T LOVE ME!YOU JUST WANTED TO BE FAMOUS!

Sorry I had a sassy moment. I have been hanging around Louis too much……..

Anyway ,my heart dropped when she said she was getting tired, she does live in Australia  (My favourite place! Apart from England!) It is like 4am there. I gave her my number and Skype so we could stay in contact.


Next day Still Liam's P.O.V

I woke up. Its Friday!

Its probably  my favourite day of the week, apart from Sunday.Liams pjs:

It was a lazy day today. The boys were out doing stuff. I was at home I couldn’t stop thinking about that girl Sammy. She was so beautiful. I haven’t seen her gorgeous  face but her adorable personality  shines though.

I can't wait to Skype her. Would it seems too desperate to Skype today?

I'm not sure. I will let her Skype me.Yeah,that sounds right, I will do that.



5 hours later:

Someone is calling me on Skype. I think it's my sister. She's in Dublin  studying medicine.

But to my surprise it wasn’t her. It was someone I don’t know, I answered it anyway because I thought it might be Sammy.

When I answered I heard a sharp squeal saying ‘HI! OMFG ITS LIAM PAYNE!”This girl sounds a bit like she had too much coffee.

I did a little laugh and replied “Hello! Is this Sammy?”

The girl with the red hair said “No its Miley Sammy's friend! Let my get Sammy!” Miley ran off and soon returned with the most breath taking girl I have ever seen. Miley was going really loco mocco and shoved Sammy's face right up to the camera.I slightly  enjoyed this but she soon pushed away and did her shy smile. I tried to be flirty. I said  “ Awwww you little cutie!”. Instantly I mentally slapped myself  in the face. That was BLOODY stupid. No girl wants to hear them be called cutie! Why can't I be flirty like Harry? Why? But it seemed to work. Her cheeks went a wonderful rosy red colour. This was when I realized this girl is the one  I want to date.

I think shes the one.



Note:Hey! Are you liking it so far!? Give me feed back please?!

Was it annoying with chapter 2 how it like replayed chapter 1 but in Liam's P.O.V.

It's really weird because its 3:18am here and It seems I can write a lot better at 2:00am to 6:00am  then in the afternoon but school is coming back so I need to go to be earlier and wake up earlier.  Anyway LOVE YOU GUYS!

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