What Happens In Vegas

Bayleigh Callen and Ashlee Price were living the life. They were bestfriends, half way done with high school, and the best part? They're Directioners. This is the story of Bayleigh and Ashlee on their adventure to Vegas where they attend a One Direction concert. However, their night doesn't end here, this is only the beginning.


2. What Started It All

Bayleigh's P.O.V.-
I was obsessed. No, I was dedicated. As a fan, you knew about them, studied them, and watched their every move. It's tiring, no one realizes how hard it is. It's a challenge to be a #1 fan. You don't love, you LIVE and BREATHE them. They are One Direction, and you are the average teen fan, dubbed with the title of 'Directioner'. This was me. This was Ashlee and I. This was the year of 2013. The tour had only just begun.
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