truly madly deeply in love

this story is the second to They Dont Know About Us ik i didnt mention zayn and angel but i will this time.


1. zayn speaks up

this first part is about zayn and angel


A= Angel







1D= One Direction

P= Paps

zayn and angel were walking in the park and zayn was fed up with not being able to go public about their relationship because of management. so zayn took angel to the park and kissed her so passionately they forgot where they were they were caught up in the moment so many flashes around them they had kissed for a whole like 2 mins. P: are u and this girl dating? Z: yes we r weve been dating for 6 months and this girl is angel and i don't care wat magaement says she is mine and only mine. and that is final!!! the paps just went along with their business and acted like nothing happened. angel got on her iPhone4 and was going through twitter and seen tons of posts like #zangel, #zaynspeaksup! angel and zayn got home. i was sitting with niall kissing and then angel walked in with zayn. *zayn and niall live together* A: did u guys see wat has been going on around twitter? J: yeeh something aobut a- suddenly music started playing it was heart attack by Demi Lovato 

                                               putting my defences up

                       cause i dnt wanna fall in luv

                      if i ever did i think id have a heart attack.......

and it went on and on till it was over.

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