truly madly deeply in love

this story is the second to They Dont Know About Us ik i didnt mention zayn and angel but i will this time.


13. You Don't Have to

chapter 13


 A= Angel







1D= One Direction

P= Paul 

I woke up with a shirt on a different shirt not Niall's shirt or my shirt but a different feeling shirt but then all the things about the night before came running through my head Dylan, Justin, Angel, and Me. I looked over and I was somewhere that looked so what familiar. I looked around and noticed I was at my old flat I used to live in. I looked around and noticed that I wasn't even with Dylan or Justin? I was alone in this bed. I walked down stairs and seen Angel sitting there watching The Saturdays. A: Hey look who's finally up! J: What are you talking about it's only like 8 in the morning. A: Try 2 in the afternoon! J: It is?!!!!! WOW!!!!! A: Well miss i wasn't gonna do this do that! J: what ever so where are we? A: We are at Paul Higgins Flat! J: OH that's why it looked so familiar! A: Yea J: Oh so how did you get the key? A: I know where Paul keeps the spare. J: ok? I started coughing like crazy. A: Are you okay, Jamie? J: Yea probaly just a small cold or allergies, nothing huge. A: okay whatever you say. J: okay? A: hey uh ur laptop is beeping. J: Oh crap I'll miss it!! I went to my laptop and seen I had a Skype call from Niall. N: Hey babe I miss you! J: I miss you too. I started coughing again. N: Are you okay? J: yea yea I'm fine just a small bug you know. N: It doesn't sound like that.?! A: That's what I said! J: Really? N: Angel's right. A: that's right wait I'm right? J: yea yea well she has to go now! Say goodbye Angel! A: Goodbye Angel! haha that's funny! N: Bye Angel! J: Okay so now that we are alone. N: Yeah so tell me are you sick? J: Well yes and no. N: Well which is it? J: Yes I guess I don't know I haven't went to the Doctor? N: Well go to the doctor! J: I will just not yet? N: Well If you don't go now than  I'm catching the next flight out there to take you! J: well!? Ugh I'll go! N: Thank you Princess. Now go now!!!! J: Bye, Love you! N: Love you 2! So I took orders from Niall and went to the Dr.

*Skip talking to Doctor* 

I got home and walked and seen 4 familiar heads, But it was missing someone. J: Where's Niall? I said muttering to myself. A: I don't know why they came I figured Niall would have come for you! J: Yea I don't Know why don't you go say Hi to Zayn. A: Well If you say so! Bye! J: Bye! N: Hey Princess miss me? J: NIALL!! Why did you- N: Because I love you! J: You didn't have to bring the guys ya know. N: Yea but I figured the mates missed they're Girls including Zayn and me. H: Uh Not me mate I haven't got one. N: Okay every one but Harry. J: Aw how sweet! I leaned in and kissed him. It felt like no one was in the room. It's like we were in our own little world. The kiss ended I loved it. N: So I'm Taking you somewhere special later ok. he winked at me. J: sure. N: Okay be ready by 9. J: kk bye.! N: Bye Princess!

                                                                                It was 7 now

I went up stairs and painted my nails did my hair. I put on:

                                                      It was 9 

I heard a knock at the door it was Niall. J: Hey so where are we going? N: We are going to the Park. J: Cool, Lets go! We arrived to the park It was really nice it was pretty! J: It looks so pretty! N: Oh it gets better! J: Oh really how? N: Just wait. J: Okay. N: Close your eyes. J: Okay they're closed! Hurry! N: I'm Trying! 

I heard a beautiful melody of a guitar. Niall was playing something/ He started singing N:


I'd wait on you forever and a day
Hand and foot
Your world is my world
Ain't no way you're ever gon' get
Any less than you should
Cause baby
You smile I smile (oh)
Cause whenever
You smile I smile
Hey hey hey

Your lips, my biggest weakness
Shouldn't have let you know
I'm always gonna do what they say (hey)

If you need me
I'll come running
From a thousand miles away
When you smile I smile (oh whoa)
You smile I smile

Baby take my open heart and all it offers
Cause this is as unconditional as it'll ever get
You ain't seen nothing yet
I won't ever hesitate to give you more
Cause baby (hey)
You smile I smile (whoa)
You smile I smile
Hey hey hey
You smile I smile
I smile I smile I smile
You smile I smile
Make me smile baby

Baby you won't ever work for nothing
You are my ins and my means now
With you there's no in between
I'm all in
Cause my cards are on the table
And I'm willing and I'm able
But I fold to your wish
Cause it's my command
Hey hey hey

You smile I smile (whoa)
You smile I smile
Hey hey hey
You smile I smile
I smile I smile I smile
You smile I smile

You smile I smile

You smile I smile.

The song ended and I kissed him. which turned into snogging..................................................................................................

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