truly madly deeply in love

this story is the second to They Dont Know About Us ik i didnt mention zayn and angel but i will this time.


15. Truth or Dare

This is Chapter 15

A= Angel







1D= One Direction






Niall and I walked in to Louis and Elanor's flat. we were all just sitting around me and Niall. Angel and Zayn walked in. J: Oh what a happy couple it's just so breath taking! Lo: Yea haha. Then Harry walks in with some girl off the street. H: Hey everyone this is uh think think uh Cher. C: Cheyenne. H: Right I was close though.? C: yea okay? J: Anyway where's Li? E: I texted Danielle and she said they were stuck in traffic. J: Oh that sucks. Z: So what do we do in the mean time? N: EAT!!!!!!!!! J: No no shhh stay pretty. H: How bout hide and seek! A: Really were not 5! Lo: No no he's right we should it will be fun! except we'll have teams!! A: Of course you agree with him! Lo: What was that? A: Nothing? Lo: That's what I thought! A: Whatever! N: Okay so what are we going to do? H: how about-? Li: Hey Everyone! 1D: Hello! J: Hey Li. A: Hey Liam! LI: Hey so what do you guys wanna do? H: Okay as I was saying, how about we play Truth or Dare! J: Sounds fun! A: Yea let's play! J: Who's first? Lo: ME!!!!! Since all of you are peasants!!! J: Yea okay, Sure we are. D: Let's just play Louis go. Lo: Okay I choose......... JAMIE! Truth or Dare?! J: Dare. Lo: Okay I dare you to.......... kiss......... J: Kiss who! Lo: Jeez calm down! I dare you to Kiss............. HARRY!!! J: EW! really u pick him! I would rather kiss a snail! A: Actually Taylor Swift said he kisses like one so there wouldn't be much of a difference! Li: Okay okay stop hating on Harry just Do It! J: Okay okay I'll do it! How long? Lo: For 30 seconds! H: At ;east I get an advantage out of this! N: And what would that be Harold? H: 1. I get to kiss your girlfriend! and 2. U have to watch!!! J: Okay okay let's not start a cat fight! N: Yea curly Sue! H: What did he call me ! Did he call me Curly Sue! Lo: It's okay breathe Harry breathe it's not like he took your cat or something right? N: Not yet! H: Don't Touch my cats!!!!!!!! J: Can I please just get this kiss over with? H: Yes and you better watch Horan! N: Hahaha I'm dying of laughter! J: Okay are you ready Curly Sue? H: Yep and don't call me that!

I leaned in to kiss him and right before our lips touched I heard..... N: Don't kiss her If you kiss her than she'll fall for you and leave me in the dirt and I'll be single and find a way to make it legal to marry food! Then you guys will get married he will propose to you in Paris and you'll have 2 kids named Darcy and Seth! J: Really Niall I don't even like those names. Plus I would never leave you for someone else especially for him! I might as well kill myself if I married him! Cause it would be torture living with him I can barely stand him now! I mean he talks so slow like he has a cold and he thinks he's so cute with the perfect teeth and the perfect hair not really perfect and the perfect dimples! he thinks he has all that  H: I do not! If you would actually get to know me than maybe you wouldn't be so judge mental! J: Oh I know you Harry! N: Okay okay Jamie truth or dare! J: Dare Again! why does everyone choose me! N: Cause your my girlfriend! I dare you to spend the rest of the day with Harry! J: Really we don't even like each other!!!! H: YOU don't like me! J: Okay I'll do it but I might not like him! H: Hey! J: Just saying! N: Okay go spend the day together! J: Okay let's go Curly! H: Okay if we spend the day together don't call me curly or curly sue just Harry, Agreed? J: Yea agreed. H: Okay let's go! J: Kk! H: Okay so where do you wanna go 1st? J: How about we go to Nando's then we go to the Cinema. Then I don't know go home and bake some brownies or something? H: Sounds good to me. J: Okay let's go! H: Okay. 


So we went to Nando's. Was I really falling for Harry they is no way!!!! H: Hey are you okay? J: Hm yea just fine. I sat there looking into space wondering if I was to really fall for Harry? Like his curls his teeth his dimples! J: No shut up! Stupid Brain! H: What? J: Oh uh did you hear any of that? H: Just that thing about the brain. Was I not supposed to? J: No no I just I was thinking aloud. H: Oh so what do you wanna order? J: Uh I don't know I haven't looked? H: Don't you and Niall come here all the time? J: Who? H:  You know Niall your Boyfriend? Irish, Loves food, laughs a lot? J: Oh yea sorry I'm just not focusing on things I've been thinking? L: Hi I'm Lindsey I'll be your Waitress this evening. Oh hey Jamie don't you usually come with Niall? J: Yea but I got dared to spend the rest of the day with Harry. L: Really okay then so you want the usual right? J: Oh yes. H: I'll take the same. L: Okay so you want 2 Peri-Peri Chickens and what to drink? J: Water L: okay and for you? H: Orange juice. L: Okay? I'll go put that right in. H: Thanks.

We ate our food and left and went home. H: So you want to make brownies or what? J: I don't know how about brownies. H: Okay. We made brownies and it was a fun night I can't believe I'm actually saying this but he was funny and sweet and kind. I went home that night went to sleep next to Niall.


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