truly madly deeply in love

this story is the second to They Dont Know About Us ik i didnt mention zayn and angel but i will this time.


14. It was a mistake!!!!

Chapter 14 READ!!!! so yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 A= Angel







1D= One Direction


The kiss I had with Dylan was on my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Not because I liked it but because I haven't told Niall......... yet. I was asleep and had a dream or should I say nightmare that Niall found out and left me and I was depressed and never left the house and I guess Niall heard me say something cause.......... N: Jamie are you okay? I woke up. J: Yea I'm fine why? N: Well I heard you saying something about don't leave me Niall and please don't be mad. J: Oh you know just a nightmare nothing big let's just go back to sleep.N: Okay if you say so...... J: Okay no I don't I had a nightmare because when yuo were on tour I was sad and I cheated on you Angel and I were at this pub and this boy named Justin was snogging with her and then I tried to stop her then I seen his friend and he looked like you and I mean me and Dylan kissed alot I mean alot but Angel hasn't told Zayn yet I don't know if she will but I'm telling you cause I couldn't keep it in anymore. and at that he got up and left.J: Niall wait it was a mistake!!!! I started to cry but held it in and told my self to be strong. I called Liam. LI: Erm, Hello Jamie? you do know it's 3 in the morning. J: Yea I know but Niall, I told, Kiss, Dylan, Angel, Justin, Zayn!!!!! LI: Calm down I'll be there soon okay? Then you can tell me what happened, yea? J: Kay. Liam arrived about 15-20 minutes later 

*Skip story about the kiss*

J: And then he left. I said sobbing again. Li: Look he probaly just went out to clear his head I think he will come back I mean you are his princess. I got a phone call I picked up the phone. A: Jamie did you tell anyone about you know the thing? J: Well I mean I told Niall and he left. A: Yea well Niall is here at my house talking to Zayn do you think they're talking about the. J: Maybe I don't know? A: Hold on they're coming out. J: Kay. I heard angel arguing with zayn and then I heard a door shut. A: THANKS ALOT JAMIE YOU JUST RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J: No I didn't you did that yourself! the I hung up. Li: How about I take you to Nando's for so food? J: Sounds good but wait what if Niall is there? Li: Then you show him what he's missing! Work it gurl! And he snapped twice in a circle. J: Haha 2 snaps in a circle. we went to Nando's

*skip car ride*

Li: Were here! J: Really I didn't notice! We walked in and I sat down in the booth that me and Niall always sat in. I sat on the side to see the door and Liam sat across from me. I was looking through out the room looking at all the happy people and I seen someone with brown hair which what looked like Zayn but he looked like he hadn't looked in the mirror for ages! J: I'll Be right back Li. Li: Kay Kay! I walked over to Zayn. J: Zayn are you okay you look like terrible! Z: Thanks that's so nice! J: No I'm just saying I've never seen you look like this? Is this about Angel? Z: Yea I mean I didn't mean to leave her I just got so caught up in the moment I didn't know what to do. So I figured why not run away from your problems I what could go wrong right!!! Well you can't run away from your problems you have to face them or else your gonna be miserable! J: Yea no kidding Niall left earlier like 3 hours ago. Z: Oh well I wish I knew where he was. J: Yea me 2! Z: So you know where Angel is? J: Nope she said it was my fault you guys broke up and all I did was tell Niall and then I said well your the one who chose to cheat on him in the first place! so yea we aren't talking right now. Z: Oh that sucks can you call her and tell her I love and miss her? J: Zayn you can do that I have to go back to Li. Z: Wait no i can't! J: Bye Zayn. I said laughing. I got back to the table and started to remember all the memories that Niall and I shared here. I tear went down my face and Liam looked at me. Li: Are you okay? J: Yep just fine just thinking. Li: okay. he smiled at me I smiled back till he looked at the menu again. I was checking all over the room when I seen Niall walk in with his hands in his pockets and went to a booth right next to us and sat down and ordered the usual. I looked at him and he looked up I quickly changed view but his eyes weren't the same they were puffy from crying and red. I walked over to him and sat down. N: Sorry uh you can't-- J: I can't sit with my own boyfriend? N: Jamie? J: No It's your dog! Of course it's me! N: Sorry I just I didn't think you would talk to me? J: Uh Niall I should be the one thinking that cause ya know I cheated and you walked out I never thought I wouldn't see you again! N: No I just needed to think ya know but now everything is better and perfect! then he leaned in and right before the kiss. J: Wait! N: ugh what now! J: Angel and Zayn they need to get back together! I have to call her and I have to say bye to Liam! Li: Hey Jamie I'm gonna head out I'm going to go meet Danielle. J: Okay bye Li! Li: Bye! Okay one thing done. one more thing left. I texted Angel. J: She is on her way! N: Why not just take her to where Zayn is? J: Zayn is here! N: Oh! J: Yea oh she's here. A: I'm here what do you mean Usher is here?! J: Usher's not here Zayn come here! Z: Yo! A: Oh no! I'm not talking to him he left me! Z: I needed time to think and I am a wreak without you Angel pleae come back please!!!!!!! I'll do anything. A: Anything? J: Okay you guys go talk okay go have fun! I mean PG-13 rated fun not no rated R! A: Whatever bye! they left. J: Finally were alone! N: Tell me about it! so what do you wanna do? J: I have a few Ideas! N: Oh I like those! and we started kissing and then we looked over at Zayn and Angel and they were kissing like never before!

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