truly madly deeply in love

this story is the second to They Dont Know About Us ik i didnt mention zayn and angel but i will this time.


9. Don't you Remember?

This is chapter 9 and sorry about how short chapter 8 was.


 A= Angel







1D= One Direction


The Doctor had told Angel she could take Zayn home, but it might be hard at first because he can't remember anything.

*Skip car ride home*

A: Do you want anything else Zayn? Angel put a pillow under Zayn's head. Z: Can I have a cup of tea and some crisps? A: Sure thing, later on after you get all your sleep out I'm gonna try and help you remember some things Okay? Z: Okay good night! A: Night I love- I mean uh I will see ya in the morning. Z: Okay, but are you sure you don;t want me to sleep on the couch? A: Yeah I:m sure Night. Z: night. Angel was tossing and turning all night and couldn't get comfortable. she had found a way to go to sleep: 

She woke up the next morning. Zayn was in the kitchen shirtless and Angel thought of how sexy he looked shirtless but then remembered he hadn't remembered they were together. Angel walked into the kitchen. A: Hey Zayn. Z: Hey so what are you going to do to try to do to let me remember? A: Well.... I was thinking we go to Starbucks and grab a coffee, then go to the stop that you told the world that we were together and come back her and watch a movie and end today like that. Z: sounds Nice! Baby *his nickname for Angel* So they set on to get Zayn's memory back. *Skip all that stuff* Zayn and Angel got back home and angel decided to put in their favorite movie Freedom Writers: 

Z: Hey baby I love you sooooooooooo much!!! A: hey wait you called me by my nickname! Z: Yeah so? A: when did you get your memory back?! Z: uh This morning?. A: omg are you serious? she laughed smacking him! Z: OW! A: Ur giving me a Heart Attack! lol Z: very funny why did you smack me? A: because you lied lolz. Z: Well I wanted time to spend with my girl. A: very funny! Z: Yeah well- Angel interrupted him. A: oh just kiss me already. They started kissing....

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