truly madly deeply in love

this story is the second to They Dont Know About Us ik i didnt mention zayn and angel but i will this time.


5. Don't go!

ok so this is chapter 5

  A= Angel







1D= One Direction


N:The truth is............................ It was an honest mistake.! I was drunk and my friends Dylan and Scott were there and I was dared and ya know teen peer pressure. J:Oh yeah cause you were to drunk to function?!! I need time to think. N:No Jamie Don't go! J: No I need time to think! N: Well, where are you going to stay? J: I don't know anywhere but here!. I heard Louis in the background. Lo: OUCH!!!! BURRNNNNNN!!!!! N: Dude, really? J: Well I have to get going. N: How long will you be gone? J: I don't Know?!. I picked up my phone and called Angel. J: Can I stay at ur and Zayn's place for a couple days?  (Zayn and Angel have they're own place.) A: Sure, what happened? *skip conversation about that* J: So that's why I need to stay some where and I'm closest to you so i figured call Angel! A: Yeah you can stay here. J: Okay I'll have Liam drive me. A: Kk when u come over we are going to watch a movie. okay to get your mind of that thing. J: Okay, bye! A: BYE! I hung up the phone, went downstairs to ask Liam if he would drive me to Angel's flat. But of course he wasn't there. J: Hey Niall!! I screamed He came in like someone died. N: What what happened is someone dead!? Did someone touch my food!? I laughed J: No, Ni no one touch anything lol. N: oh so what happened? J: Well I was looking for Liam to drive me to Angel's flat. N: oh uh, I can drive you?. J: Oh thanks sounds good I'll go get my coat. We went out to the car. The car ride there was very silent no laughing no talking no music just distant humming. We finally arrived. He hugged me with one of those famous Horan hugs. I said goodbye went to Angel's house and went inside.

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