Love at first sight

Hey my name is Isabelle! I'm 16 years old. I am Louis' cousin. My mom died of cancer last year and my dad is going to America for his job. Now I have to stay at Louis' house for the next month. That's when my life's changed.


10. Paparazzi

Nialls P.O.V.
"Wakeeeee uppppp wakeeee uppppp!" Louis kept on repeating. "I'm up I'm up!" I said mumbling and keeping my hands over my eyes from the light. "Well anyway Paul wants you." Louis said walking out. "Wait why?" "I don't know?" Uh oh is it from last night? Was there paparazzi? I hurried up and went to Paul. "Paul did you want me?" I said fixing my shirt. "Um yes." He said Turing on the T.V. "Directioners we have some news! Looks like Niall went to the movies with a girl?! His it is girlfriend.. Well it seems like it (shows picture of Niall and Isabelle holing hand./Isabelle leaning on Nialls head./Isabelle and Niall kissing .) well sorry guys I guess Niall taken!"   Yup the Paps found us wonder what Lou will say. "Soo dating Louis cousin huh?" Paul sad looking at me he didn't look mad... "Yes... Are you mad....?" I said slowly "Well only when you lied to us. You said you went to Joshua but you went to the movies with Isabelle." "Oh" "But I don't know how Lou will act I mean I long have you been dating her?" "Well really since like yesterday...." "Oh well the sooner the better Niall" "Well okay I have to call Isabelle." "Bye" I am surprised he wasn't that mad I mean he only gets mad when we sneak out because the fans can hurt us. Liam was waiting for me because he knew that it was because of the date. "So the pap-"yup" I said popping the p "wait he wasn't mad at you?" "Only for sneeking out" "oh well are you going to tell Lou?" "Yah Paul said the sooner the better" "oh ok wel- "hey watcha talking about ?" Louis said butting in. "Nothing much." I told Lou"oh well breakfast is done." "Ok" I hurried up and texted Isabelle TEXT TO ISABELLE: Hey babe can you come over! :)
Louis P.O.V.
I knew something was going on that I didn't know between Liam and Niall but I wonder what? 
Isabelle P.O.V.
When I woke up no one was up so I just laid back down and starting to think about last night. Niall kissed me we hugged held hands I went on a date I ment 3 friends. Last night was good! I got bored so I woke up the girls."wakeee upppp wakeeee upppp!" I kept on repeating it and Eleanor said "stop your just like lou!" "Yup!" I said popping the p. Some reason I was very happy. "I'm going to take a shower." "Ok it's to the right!" Eleanor said. ~~~ when I got done the girls was giggling and in a group. I saw them with my phone. "Hey!" I said snatching my phone away from them. "Niall text you!" Perri said. "And he called you babe" Eleanor said. "He wants you to come over!" Daniel said."okay well I guess I should be heading out!" "Okay bye!" "Oh and you can probably come over later!" "Ooooo ok!" Eleanor said. ~~~~~when I got home I went straight to Niall. I was going give him a hug but they boys was right there so I made him the eye look to come in my room. When he came in he said "I gotta tell you something.." He said it serious to... "Yes?" I said with a confused face. "Well you know how we went out last night.." "Yes...?" "Well there was paparazzi there." "What!" I am super camera shy! "I'm sorry.." He said I looked at him and just gave him a hug and I squeezed him as tight as I can. "I can't breathe." He said pausing. I stop and I was still holding his waist and I looked at him."it's ok I don't care at least I am with you!" I said looking him in the eye.and I kissed him I had too but he kissed me back which was good. "Okay but we are going to have to tell them we are dating." Niall said " we aren't dating.!" "What?" Niall said with a confuse face on him . "You never ask me." "Will you go out with me Isabelle.?" He said with a puppy face. "Yes Niall!" I said when I said yes he spinned me around holding me by my waist. "Let's go tell them." He said as we was walking out.
Authors note!
Like it sorry it took so long to update I did it last night and I do it on the phone so I have to write it on the notes all since the web on the phone sucks so I got done with the chapter yesterday and I was coping it and I pressed cut! :P so sorry but please be patient and like!


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