Love at first sight

Hey my name is Isabelle! I'm 16 years old. I am Louis' cousin. My mom died of cancer last year and my dad is going to America for his job. Now I have to stay at Louis' house for the next month. That's when my life's changed.


6. Lies

Isabelle P.O.V
After we was done with lunch they wanted to go swimming! I really wanted to but they will se my ugly scar.... Gosh I hated that. "So are you coming." Niall said. I had to make an accuse." Well I have to clean my room..." "I know your lying tell me!" " I don't want people seeing  my scar..." " don't worry about that! Your still beautiful!" "Aww thx Niall I will think about it." "Yay" " we'll let me change" ok I guess I'm going :P" I have 2 bathing suits. Neon Purple one and a neon pink. I think I should go with the purple cuz I have a purple tank to go with it! And flats I hate heels! Ugh even though I'm short I can't stand heels. Anyway..."Lou are we about to leave" " yes get in the car" "ok" I waited in the car and then Liam came. "Hey Liam" "hey" "Is your girlfriend coming?" " I don't think so do u want her to?" " well I will like to meat her" " let me text her" ~~~~ everyone in at
"She said she will come he will be a little late?" "Ok but won't people be there?" "Well ya" " oh well how do u have fun with people screaming?" "We try" "oh" "ok PEEPS LETs ROCK AND ROLLLLLL! Lou said crazy
~at the pool~
It is crowded! "Come on let's have fun" Niall said. How do they have fun!  There's fans everywhere! " how can u have fun when it's crowded" they didn't answer cuz I lost then great! Some one tapped me on the shoulders I thought it was one of the boys but it was some stranger. "What?!" Then he grabbed me pulling me to he van. "LET GO OF ME!" He punched me and said "Shut up!"Harry heard me and punch him. "LET GO OF HER!" he let go and ran away and let bruises on me. " you ok?" Hugging me whiling I was crying " yah. *sniff sniff" "no your not look you have bruises I sware I'm going to k- "don't Harry just pretend that never happened don't tell anyone" "but why" "just don't" then Louis came an saw me "what wrong" "some one push me on the ground but I'm find..." " are you sure!" "Yes yes..." "Ok Harry keep an eye one her! - CANNONBALL" he said loudly "get away from him he's mine you slut!" Some random girl said. "I'm going to go home"I told Harry I'm not  even dating him gosh! " ok let walk home" Harry saying pushing through the crowd people saying give me your auto graph! I love you! Here my phone number ! "I'm sorry this happen to you" he said when we was on the sidewalk. " it's ok I didn't want to go swimming anyway..." "Well when we get home we can watch movies and have popcorn!" "Yay" 
Nialls P.O.V
I haven't seen Isabelle since we got here..."Lou where's Isabelle?" " oh she is with Harry some where she got hurt so I told Harry to watch her" he said fast whiling swimming. Man what happen to Isabelle?i have to find Harry...
Harry P.O.V
Yes me and her at home alone!
After we took showers we was deciding what movie to pick" I want to watch a scary movie!" Isabelle said " ok what about case 39 (first movie to think of lol) "oh sure! I am going to make popcorn!" "K". I get I phone call from Niall. " hey" "hey is Isabelle ok" "yah she fine she just .. Fell?" Oh ok where are you." Uh oh great " at the house" "What!" "Yup because she didn't want to get hurt again she is sleeping. Right now..." " oh ok well bye." "Bye" he prombly doesn't care now. " who was that" Isabelle said "oh just Niall he wanted to know where were we" "ok oh well let get the movie started!" "Ok" she laid right next to me since she was scared. ~~~~ after movie~~~ " was it a good movie?" " Ya but now I'm scared lol?" "I will save you" my hugging her tightly the we look straight in each others eyes I kissed her I has to then she kissed me to but stop "sorry I -" I tried saying "I like so" "Then the boys came back" "WE ARE HOMEEEEEEE!" Lou said (of course!) "yay we just got finest hong a movie!" Isabelle said trying to act normal .where is Niall there he is "Niall I need to talk to you"
Nialls P.O.V.
"Yes?"  He look like he was about to cry " what wrong?" "Will you be mad" "good are bad? "Both" fine let me hear the bad news?" "You have to be quiet though k" "k" " don't be mad" "ok ok just tell me!" " I kissed Isabelle." "What!" Whisperingloudly "dude be quiet!" "Ugh what's the good thing...." "Well when she kissed me back she stopped and said she like" " she liked who?" " she like you" he was crying" she said that!"  "No you and the boys came in and didn't finish but I can tell she like you Niall so congrats." He walked away in his room. She likes me! That's awesome but Harry is sad man I need to talk to him...."Harry" "what do you want" he was in his room."it's ok Harry" " no it's not she like you!" Maybe it wasn't the right girl for you." He sniffed and looked at me. I think that made him feel better. "What's wrong Harry?" Isabelle came in and sat my Harry. " you can tell me anything hazza." With the prettiest smile on her face. I left them alone it was weird me being there but i stayed by door and was earsdropping. "I uh- " was it about earlier? I liked the kiss its just I like someone else..." "Who" "I can't" "Why" practically screamed. "Fine.... Don't scream." "Ok tell me who" all I heard was whispering great...!

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