Love at first sight

Hey my name is Isabelle! I'm 16 years old. I am Louis' cousin. My mom died of cancer last year and my dad is going to America for his job. Now I have to stay at Louis' house for the next month. That's when my life's changed.


3. Knowing Niall

Isabelle P.O.V.
Louis,"WAKEEEEEE UPPPPPPL IZZZZZZ!" "WHAT THE HECK LOU I WAS HAVING A WONDERFUL DREAM" "what was the dream about" lowering his voice". " That I was kicking you!" Not really but he woke me up :P. "well I had a dream that I was punchig you!" Wresting on top on me. "What time is it" getting up trying to change the subject. " 7:43" "LOU, why did u wake me up this early" "Cuz I wanted you to know the boys more.""Oh I totally forgot about them we are they""BO- "Lou no I look terrible!" "OYSSSS" "LOU" while the boys were coming in. "Yea" Liam I think.... "Are you Liam I'm trying to remember these things" "yup" he said smiling. "Yay" "where are the rest of the boys? Lou said. "Umm showering and getting ready oh and eating" "Oh" "should I get ready?" "Yea Izz " Lou said "k" what should I wear it's hot ,so I think I am going to wear pink bobs with blue jean shorts and a pink t-shirt. I take of my shirt and see that scare on my waist ugh nightmares......but I tried to ignore it. Ok good I have my outfit and my brown wave hair. "Lou I'm ready!" "Ok good we were just about to get going are you hungry?" "Nah" I am hungry but I don't want them waiting on me "are you sure" "yes I'm sure" "Isabelle!" "I'm not hungry!" "We here I made this egg sandwich for you" "thanks..." "Hey isabelle" Niall I think "Niall?" "Yup he said smiling "Yay... !" "*laugh*" Man I love his laugh. "So where are you from " "Ireland" "Cool wonder wear you got that accent!" "Hah..where are you from" " California" "cool I always want to go there" " "You should it amazing" " Ok everyone we are LEAVING" Lou said. he is always hyper... " good morning Isabelle" Harry said I already know his name because of his hair its so Harry. " good morning Harry "
Harry P.O.V.
She is amazing! And she knows my name which is a good thing! But Niall likes her I'm pretty sure "hey Niall I need to ask you something." Pulling him over to me. "Do you like Isabelle?" Acting serious. " pfhht noo... Do you" acting. Worried "yah you do and yes" "well - "Come on we are leaving" Isabelle interrupting "we will talk later"
Niall P.O.V
Ugh I knew he liked her. I know Harry is going to get her unless he scares her by flirting. I am ok step 1 being friends he is 3 flirting " So Niall what do you like to do" "Eat!" " hah what kind of food" "Nandos" "What's that" "Oh my gosh you don't know what is that" "Nooo" " Lou can we go to Nandos later" " Yah" yelling back
Isabelle P.O.V.
Niall is funny. His eyes his-stop I cannot fall in love with him I just can't not like what happen last time but I do think I should know Niall more...."Hey Lou I was thinking if just me and Niall can go shopping to get to know each other??" " Ummm..... Niall will u take care of her? And make sure she won't get hurt?" He makes it sound all weird but he needs to know to keep me safe I thinking I'm starting to trust him and he's Lou friend soo yah.. "Yah sure" Niall said excitedly "ok then you to can go to Nandos now!" "Yay" I'm so excited I am really hungry too "bye Lou" getting out the car "bye Izz" "you are going to love this place!" "I hope I do" Niall and I talking "~~~~~at the house~~~
Niall P.O.V
Omg we have lots in common and just her ! She wanted me to just be me and her! We stayed there the hole time and we didnt know! I was staring at her the whole time and k think she was to. Harry is going to kill meWow I am just wondering why won't Lou let me date her I mean why is she scared
Isabelle P.O.V
Uh-oh I think I'm starting to like her but I'm scared to have another boyfriend and I hope he didn't notice I kept on staring at him he is just soooo ugh I can't explain it Lou is going to kill me when he find out.
*writers note*
So sorry I couldn't update I had my bday party then got a new phone so yah but please comment how u like it :) tell me if I need to change or any idea thanks!
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