Love at first sight

Hey my name is Isabelle! I'm 16 years old. I am Louis' cousin. My mom died of cancer last year and my dad is going to America for his job. Now I have to stay at Louis' house for the next month. That's when my life's changed.


8. Eleanor!

Isabelle P.O.V.

When I woke up I realized I was still on Nialls chest.How do u get out the room with out the boys seeing me.? I tried to get out the bed without wakin Niall up but that didn't happen. "Where are you going ?" He said in his mornin voice. His hair was messy but looked good."umm going in my room so the boys won't see me in here....""oh.. Oh yah can I ask you something.?" He said whiing getting up. "Yes...?" "Will you like to go to the movies with me?" "Yah sure when?" "Tonight.." "Yes I would love to!" "Ok well.." I just hugged him I need to I just need to hug him. "I should go now!@ I said looking up and smiling at him. "Ya you should." He kissed me before I lefted when I was walking out his room and Liam saw me. "What were u doing in nialls room?" He ask while smirking "I just ask for something" "I didn't see you come out" "well you didn't have too..." I said going to my room."hey Isabelle I'm not done talking to you" he said while coming in my room. Man he is like the dad "yess...?" "I heard you playing with Niall last night and laughing ." "We-el-ll- "what are you going to tell Lou?" He interrupting me."tell him what?" "That you two are dating..??" " we are not dating ." "We'll you two are going to trust me." He said walking out and pointing at me. I need friends here. But first food! "What do you want to yal wanna eat?" "Why do u say yal I thought u was from California?" "I am but I lived in Louisiana." "Ohh I learn something everyday." He said smiling at me,"oh and pancakes! Choclate!" "Haha ok Niall..." "I wanna help!" Niall said ."ok get the pancake mix and pour 5 cups." "Ok what does a cup look like?" Niall say sartasically. "Niall!" " I'm joking I'm joking." "Do that while I get the pan and the chocolate chips." "What u get the easy part." Niall saying in a whiny point." Just do it!!" "Fine.." ~~ "are you almost done?" Lou said . " yes me and Niall are setting it up!" "Yay" "Niall can you can the forks and knives please!" I said setting up the plates and looking at him.  "Mmmmmmmm.... Smells so good ." Harry said in a heavenlily voice. "Foods done!" Every came to the table Niall already was sitting down eating. "Oh Lou I need friends I don't have any here .." I said and had a sad face on. "You have us" Niall said with food stuffed in his mouth. "I meant like girlfriends " "you can meet up with my girlfriend Eleanor." "Ooo yah I should when.!" I really needed some girlfriends so I can talk about Niall about there advice.. "After eating I can text her see if she you an her can go out!" "Ok yay!" 
Louis P.O.V.
After lunch I text Eleanor like I told Izz TEXT TO ELLE: hey babe wanted to know if u were busy my cushion Isabelle I was talking about wanted to know if she can hang out with you she isn't from here :)
TEXT FROM ELLE: No I'm not busy and sure I would love to! Tell her I'm coming over!
TEXT TO ELLE: ok bye babe love u!
"Izz!" "Yes Lou?" She is coming over so start gettin ready!" "Ok thanks!" 
Isabelle P.O.V.
"Yes Lou?" "She is coming over so start gettin ready!" "Ok thanks!" I couldn't wait I really needed a friend . I decided to were pink flats and plaid pink shorts and a white logo shirt. It's plain but It's my style :P. I decided to leave my hair naturally waving. After that I went to the living room. "Hey Isabelle come here ." Niall said nobody was in the living room except Niall. "Yes..?" "We are still going to night right?" "Yes Niall !" "Ok just making sure !" He said winking at me with a big grin ." Oh and you look beat-TI-FULL!" He said in a French accent "haha thanks" *knock knock * yay she here . "Eleanor!?" "Yes!" She look gorgeous way prettier than me she had long brown wavy hair and the prettiest eyes! I wish I looked liked her! 
Eleanor P.O.V.
I knocked on the door and "Eleanor!?" She said "yes!" I said excitedly. She look beautiful I can see that she is related my Lou her eyes and hair. She looks like a person that always looked happy. "So where do you wanna go?" She ask excitedly "the mall?" "Ya sure! Lou we are going to the mall!" "Ok Izz be careful and Eleanor love you!" "Love you too!" I said while shutting the door. When we got in the car I ask her "where are you from?" "I'm from California but grew up in Louisiana!" "Oh cool!" "Yah you and Lou look good together!" "Thanks are you dating any one ?"
Isabelle P.O.V. 
"Thanks are you dating anyone?" When she said that I didn't know what to say no but me and Niall are -cant say that "no " I said quickly "ohh like the boys ?" "Yah there great!" "Have a crush on anyone of them." She said with on eyebrow up "Nooo" 
Eleanor P.O.V.
"Nooo" she said I know she likes one of the boys but who? "We are here!" "Yay!" When we got in the mall we first got coffee "I know you like on of the boys tell me which one please!" "Uh-wh-how- umm well it's complicated ..." " oh well do u like Zayn and Liam becausethwy at take!" "No" "then Harry or Niall!" " she nodded I can tell she was talking about boys" I would want to tell you everything but just not at the mall.." "Ok well let just shop then lets go to my place!" "Ok let's o to forever 21!" "Does this look good?" Isabelle said while she held a cute pink skinny jeans "yeah you should totally get that !" "We should get the same clothes and where them when we go to Lou's!" "Oooo ok!" ~~~ in the car we bought those hot pink skinny jeans and great cute top with green bobs! She we got settled in my room I asked "ok tell me what's going on.!" "Well I like Niall..."" I knew it !"
Isabelle P.O.V.
"Well I like Niall..." I told her I need to I need to just blurt out all my feelings "Harry likes me though..." "Oh my gosh!""ya he was really sad when I told him.." "You told him!" "I had to!" "Wait what time is it?" "5" " oh ok " "why" "because I am going to the movies with Niall." "What that's awesome when did he ask you?" "Last night I slept in his room " "does Lou know about any of this ?" "No only Liam and Niall!" "Oh my gosh well let get you ready to go to the movies!

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