Love at first sight

Hey my name is Isabelle! I'm 16 years old. I am Louis' cousin. My mom died of cancer last year and my dad is going to America for his job. Now I have to stay at Louis' house for the next month. That's when my life's changed.


9. Date at the movies!

Isabelle P.O.V.
"I wanna wear something simple not to fancy." I means it's just the movie "ok I have the perfect outfit!" Eleanor sounded really excited . "Ok show me!" I said smiling "it's a pink shirt that's had a funny picture on it an black skinny jeans with pink bobs!" "Oh my gosh that's perfect el!" Go try it on!" When I got out the bathroom Eleanor look at me" perfect! Not to fancy but not to boring!" "That's what I was going for!" I look at the clock and its 5:30 " El  it's 5:30 and I have to be there at 6 and it's like 15 mins from here so I just need to straighten my hair!" "Ok let me get my hair straightener!" El seem always excited  anyway after I starighten my hair it was 5:40 "let me text Niall." I told her when I was text him Eleanor was looking at my other text with Niall "Isabelle and Niall sitting in a tree- "Eleanor! I'm gonna go k!" " ok hey after the date  is over text me everything!" "*laughs* ok bye !" I went to the movie and saw Niall there waiting for me because he come early. When he saw me he smiled and start walking to me.  He was wearing his jeans and a white thirst like he normally wears. "Ready?!" In his hot accent "Yeah what movie?" "Umm mama (first scary movie I thought of..." "Oh ok!" 
Niall P.O.V.
They boys thought I went to go visit my friend josh  except of Liam  because I told him everything. I'm actually going to the movies with Isabelle.~~When I saw Isabelle I smiled and walk over to her she was wearing a pink shirt and skinny jeans like she usually does but she straighten her hair but it looked good on her. "Ready?" "Yeah what movie?" "Mama !" Picked a scary movie so I can hug her like in the movies :)! After we got out drinks and a big bowl of popcorn we sat at the last row in the middle. I pulled up the arm thing and put the popcorn in the middle of us. In the middle of the movie I was grabbing popcorn and felt her hand she felt mine to and we held hand for a while that was a good sign right?! 
Isabelle P.O.V. 
In the beginning of the movie I was reaching for popcorn and felt nialls hand so I held it that was a good move right? ~~ in the middle of the movie I was getting tired and we ate all the popcorn surprisingly and so I scooted closer to him and layer my head on his should and held his hand. I going to say I love you but I was  scared . What if he didn't me? "I love you " my mouth blurted out ! I whispered it but I think he heard me .... 
Niall P.O.V. 
In the middle of the movie Isabelle move closer to me and held my hand. I thought she was going to say something but she didnt so I ignored her but Like a Minute later she said "I love you" she whispered it softly it I'm pretty sure she said that this moment was perfect I wish it last forever." I love you too." I whispered back to her. Then she looked up at me eye to eye. I wanted to kiss her but was it to soon my lips just smashed in her lips I just had to and she kissed me back. That was no normal kiss that was the best kiss I ever had. After We kissed I looked at her and smiled she smiled back at me. 
Isabelle P.O.V.
He whispered "I love you too"  I looked up at him and we met eye to eye and his lips smashed on to my I didn't stop him I kissed him back that was the best kiss ever to be honest. When we stopped he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him.~~~ after the movie we got up and went to the bathroom I fixed my hair and text Eleanor: hey want me to come over? Eleanor responded fast I guess because she was bored. Eleanor:yes please!!! Petrie and Danielle is over they are zayn and Liam's girlfriends can I tell them!!!!!
To Eleanor: lol yes I'm bout to be there in like 15 minutes.  I shut my phone and went out the bathroom Niall was waiting for me "sorry I took to long k text El and I'm going over there ok! I smiled and looked at him. "That's fine. They boys still think your over there" he said laughing qman his laugh ... " ok well bye I love you ." The last part I said softly because I am very shy VERY! I didn't want to kiss and hug alot because they paprozzi might see us then Lou will find out" bye I love you too." We walk our separate way.
Niall P.O.V.
"Ok well bye I love you" she said again she said it softly I guess she was shy but I said I love you too I didn't want to show that much "love" because the paparazzi then the boys will find out. When I was driving home I can't believe she loves me I just can't  believe she loves me! When I got home the boys was still up because it was 8 ish and they was play video games. "What did u do at josh?" Lou ask while playing video games. Umm what I usually do play games eat."  "Oh cool" "I'm gunna go in my room  im pretty tired." I said trying to make Liam come in my room.
Liam P.O.V.
"I'm gunna go in my room I'm pretty tired" when Niall said that he wa making eye contact to I guessed he wanted me. I wasn't really playing anyway. *knock knock* Niall open the door because he knew It Was me. " how did it go?" " amazing~~~~~" he told me every signal detail about the date. "Was there any paps?" " I didn't see any." "So there was no paps?" "No paps I think" all well if he screwed up he screwed up. "Well I'm going to sleep k" "k"
Isabelle P.O.V.
When I got to Eleanor's place I knocked  on the door. " hey are you Isabelle?" Perrie or Daniel said "yes!" "Come in come in!"
Perrie P.O.V.
I heard someone knocking so I go up and opened it " are you Isabelle?" She had brown wavy hair and brown eyes she was really pretty to be honest."yes!" She said smiling and waving. " come in come in!" When Eleanor saw her her eyes lit up. "Izz tell me everything!" Wow Eleanor really wanted to know. " umm well-"did you to kiss?" I can tell she was shy "umm yes." "Awww what else?" ~ she explain every single detail. About the popcorn and hands the moving closer part the texting Eleanor it sounded like just in the movies "oh my gosh so are you dating him?" El was really excited about this me and Danielle just sat here listening. "Not really he hasn't ask?" "He will trust me." I finally said something "she looked at me and smiled "thanks I'm just scared..." She mumbled the last word but I heard it enough " why are you scared ?" Danielle said confused she lifted up her shot and bend her pants a little " did Niall did that!" Eleanor ask surprised. "No! My exboyfriend" "oh my why?" I said I am really noise "we was dating for a nine  months and he kept asking my to have sex but I was only 14 and I didn't want to I got really mad and just broke up with him. Later that day I went to the beach and layer there . Then he took me and in his basement I think. And tried to rape me. I wouldn't stop moving so he stabbed me on my thigh...." " oh my gosh well Niall won't do that!" "I know...." "Wait how did you get out." Like I said I'm really noisy "I managed to kick him in the private Alot and called Lou and crawled out side." Oh my gosh that's awful! "It's ok trust me Niall want do that!" Danielle said trying I cheer her up and it worked out!
Danielle P.O.V. 
Isabelle is really nice ad beautiful when she told me about the story I felt horrible and knew that Niall wouldn't do that but after she told the story every one went to sleep.
^Authors note^
How do you like will they date did the paps find out?!  Please like comment and acc thx!

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