Wesley's back story!!!

Blood Lust new chapters premiere March 21st 2013


1. Wesley's back story

Wesley was always the kid everybody knew was going to join the pack. His expanding knowledge of vampires and knowledge of everything else.

When he got to age 16 he turned into a wolf for the first time. That's when Chief Galasko found him, taking him in teaching him things on the pack. He was accepted by the others. His strength and knowledge made him Galasko's right hand man.

Secretly he admired vampires. Their speed their strength, the beauty of them. Their pale skin the way they transform when they feed. The balance and instincts of them they were just so amazing.
He would NEVER let anyone know this but he's always wanted to be one but if he allowed a Vampire to turn him he would become Hybrid.
Half wolf half vampire.
That would be something wouldnt it?
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