I hate you.

Ashton is bullied by five teenage idiots. She regrets every day if her life because of them. She has friend, yes, but she hinds her pain from her. Bruises and cuts, she says come from her clumsiness. The only way to protect her is to lie. Will she stand up? Or will she continue this life?


5. Time

Ashton's p.o.v.

"Niall just try to focus on what the paper says. Re-read it in your head until you memorize it." I said as I watched him struggle. "NO! I don't get any of this! I understand the questions I just can't memorize anything!" He shouted as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Why don't we just try again tomorrow...." I said. "Good. Now get out." He said coldly. I nodded me gathered my things. I walked to my car and drove home. Just as I arrived home, I got a text from a number I didn't recognize.

'Hey. It's Liam. That friend of yours, she is something.. ;).'

No. Just no. I called him.

L~ 'Hello?'
A~ 'Liam, don't touch her'
L~ 'And why shouldn't I?'
A~ 'Liam, do you not remember when we were friends? Well do it as a reminder to me that you can be nice, or friendly. Please Liam, please.'
L~ 'fine, I won't touch her. And Ashton'
A~ 'what?'
L~ ' Can we ever go back to being friends?'
A~'...' . 'I honestly don't think so.'
L~ 'why?'
A~ 'can we talk tomorrow. Ok. Bye'

And with that, I hung up. He has never even attempted to be friendly. What happened?

************Authors Note************

I got my Ed Sheeran on!!!!! Heck ya! So that's my life. And I really wanna know what you think about this book. Comment, like and favorite it please!!! <3 Ashtonnnnnnn
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