I hate you.

Ashton is bullied by five teenage idiots. She regrets every day if her life because of them. She has friend, yes, but she hinds her pain from her. Bruises and cuts, she says come from her clumsiness. The only way to protect her is to lie. Will she stand up? Or will she continue this life?


8. Silence is a Struggle

 "So Ashton," Liam said to try and break the awkward silence, though I do not reply.

"You can't stay silent forever Ashton! We won't get anything done!" He shouted.

"Maybe I should just leave..... I think that would be best for both of us Liam." I coldly replied as I left the room to gather my things.

"Ashton! You can't leave!" He said as he grabbed my forearm.

"AGH!!!! Let. Me. Go!" I said as I bent over in pain. The scars may be old, but the skin remains tender.

"I...... I am so sorry! I didn't think I gripped you that hard. Let me see." He said lifting me up.

"No.... Get away now!" I shouted.

"Ashton! I don't care about talking anymore! Let me make sure you are alright!" 

"Why?! Why do you care! You didn't seem to care while you kicked me earlier and left those bruises did you?"

"Well..... Because this was not intentional." 

"You know what Liam? I don't care anymore. Look. You'll see how weak I am. How pathetic. Go ahead. See what you and those idiots have put me through since eighth grade!" I shouted as I rushed to a sink and rubbed off the makeup covering the scars. 

"Is this what you wanted Liam???? Huh? Because here you go!!" I shouted showing him the white scars that puffed out of my arms.

"Oh my God. Ashton! I.. I'm so sorry... I never knew." He grabbed my arm and ran his finger over the scars.

"Well what did you expect. You call someone all those things and I guess you finally begin to realize that they are true. Now can I leave?" I asked. 

"Um... Yeah... Uh, see you tomorrow." He said as he walked to his bedroom.

I walked out the door and back home.





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