I hate you.

Ashton is bullied by five teenage idiots. She regrets every day if her life because of them. She has friend, yes, but she hinds her pain from her. Bruises and cuts, she says come from her clumsiness. The only way to protect her is to lie. Will she stand up? Or will she continue this life?


7. Oh. Hi

Ashton's p.o.v.


"Oh, hi." I said as the person helped me off the ground. 

"Hello, next time you should watch where you're going." He said as he walked off. Weird. "Ashton!!!!!!" Liam yelled. "GET AWAY!" I screamed back. "We'll I guess you don't wanna hear about your new partner..." He said. "Liam...... What the heck did you do.....?" I said walking toward him. "SURPRISE!!! We're partners!!" He screamed. "I'm gonna kill you." I said as I coldly walked off. 


**end of tha day**


"You coming?" He asked. 

"Shut up. I freaking hate you." I replied. 

"Why are you acting like a little brat!?" 

"Well, I don't know. Maybe because I am partners with an idiot who I despise."

"wow, cold much?"

"Shut up." I said as I got into my car and drove to his house.







authors note


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