I hate you.

Ashton is bullied by five teenage idiots. She regrets every day if her life because of them. She has friend, yes, but she hinds her pain from her. Bruises and cuts, she says come from her clumsiness. The only way to protect her is to lie. Will she stand up? Or will she continue this life?


6. Liam, No!

Ashton's p.o.v.



Ugh!! I cant even believe he would ask that!! We haven't been friends in forever and he even bullied me!! The nerve of some people!!! Oh well, maybe sleep will help.


**The Next Day**


I woke up and lazily walked to the bathroom.  i looked at my appearence and frowned.  Why can't i be pretty?? I walked to my closet and pulled out some jeans and a blue shirt.  I slid on some white ballet flats.  today was going to be awful, I can tell.  WHY DID LIAM PAYNE HAVE TO EVER COME INTO MY LIFE?!?!?!?!? He gives me major headaches.  Another day, some more pain.  At least Niall isn't THAT bad.  Well, i take that back, they are all terrible.  I get to school and guess who is waiting at the door? If you guesses Liam, you are 100% correct, sadly.  "Hey Ashton." He said with a smirk on his face. "Liam, get away from me."  I spat as i walked in a Different Direction (Haha). "Ashton, will you at least think about it?" He asked with his puppy dog eyes.  "NO LIAM! You have bullied me for a very substantial amount of time.  I can't forgive you in an instant.  You have no idea how much pain you have caused me! I can't Liam, I am sorry." I said, and with that, I ran away not looking up until I hit someone.  "Sorry." I whispered as the figure I had hit helped me up.  I looked into his eyes and instantly got lost.


*****Author's Note*****


Hey my amazing people!!! I have missedddd YOu!!!!!!! how have you been? Anyways as per usual comment, Favorite and like!!! Who do you think helped her up?  COMMENT!!!!

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