You're the One

Jennifer thought everything was perfect, until her world got turned upside down. Was it time to let him go? Did she expect too much? Someone was about to show her what she was missing.


5. I'm sorry

Going to work the next morning, I felt horrible.  How could I get so caught up with someone I didn't even know.  I was supposed to be trying to make this work with Alex.  I sent him a text on the way to work but know he would be working and probably wouldn't respond.  I was working with Jaime, so at least I would have someone to talk to.


"So how's life?" she asked as we opened up the shop.

"It's okay." I told her.

"Okay, spill.  I know something is wrong.  Is it Alex?  Is everything going okay?"

"Well.  I forgot to call him back last night.  And I've been so busy lately, I have kind of brushed him off." I told her.

"Busy?  You were off yesterday.  Quit lying to me.  Something is up?"


I told her all about Edward.  How funny he was, how he made me smile.  I told her all about how we may meet at the concert.  I could feel her glaring at me.


"You are kidding?" she asked? " Do you know how dangerous it is to meet someone from online.  Are you crazy Jen?  Seriously, a guy that likes One Direction????  Does this sound normal?" she yelled.

"Oh my gosh.  Are you really mothering me right now?" I asked her.  "We will just see what happens" 

"It's your potential funeral"


I spent my lunch break apologizing to Alex's voicemail.  I didn't know if he was ignoring me or if he was really busy.  I felt horrible.  At least until Edward sent me a text.  


"Will call you later, have a great day at work"


I smiled.

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