You're the One

Jennifer thought everything was perfect, until her world got turned upside down. Was it time to let him go? Did she expect too much? Someone was about to show her what she was missing.


10. Going nowhere

I sat out on the bench that we had been on before, waiting for Harry.  He told me to give him a few minutes to get ready and he would be right out.  The door opened.  He came out smiling.  Reaching his hand out for mine "Let's go" he told me pulling me back into the arena.  Walking back towards the stage I saw it still had most everything that was there before... microphones, speakers, the couch they sat on during some of their songs.  But there in the middle was a blanket spread out, with a few cups, a few drinks and all different foods. 

"We get so much food sent to us, it's impossible to eat it all." he told me laughing.  "Thought we could get to know each other better if it was quiet."

I smiled.  We went up onto the stage and sat on the blanket.  He poured a drink and handed it to me.  We sat for what seemed like forever, so quiet, and not knowing what to say.  Harry finally broke the silence. "I had all these things that I wanted to say to you when we finally met.  And now, I'm speechless."

"I know.  Me too.  Of course this was before I knew you were... well you know... you"

"So any regrets?" he asked me. " I mean that I am who I am?"

"Are you kidding? Do you know how many girls are dying to be me?"

"So you aren't disappointed?"

"How could I ever be disappointed?" We were staring right into each others eyes.  It was the most comfortable silence I had ever been in yet I wanted so bad to get out of it.  I had a boyfriend, a great boyfriend.  Yet here I was staring into someone else's eyes and wanting so much more than I was ever planning to give. 

"I'm glad you are here." he said breaking the silence.  I just nodded and agreed.  We talked for about an hour before we decided it was getting late and we both needed to rest.  I knew I was going to have a lot of trouble sleeping after all the excitement from the day.

We walked to my car.  "Thanks for letting me come by tonight."

"I'm glad you came. And I guess I will see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, of course." I stood there, biting my bottom lip, staring at him.  I didn't know what I was waiting for. 

"Kinda wishing you didn't have a boyfriend right now." he said laughing.  He opened my door for me and waited for me to get in.  "Can you text me or give me a ring when you get home?"

"Yeah.  Thanks again." I said.  He closed my door for me and I started my car and drove away. 

"I'm kinda wishing the same thing" I said to myself.


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