You're the One

Jennifer thought everything was perfect, until her world got turned upside down. Was it time to let him go? Did she expect too much? Someone was about to show her what she was missing.


4. Forgetting

Over the next few days between work and talking to Edward, I really didn't have time to think much about missing Alex.  I felt horrible for the shameless flirting between me and Edward.  What would Alex do if he found out?  It wasn't going to become anything so there was really no need to tell him.  Alex always called every night at 9 pm to tell me goodnight.  At 8:30, I was in my pajama's already, and watching some tv when Edward called.  


"How was your day love?" he asked as I answered.

"It was nice, how was yours?" 

"Busy, I've been working so much lately." he told me.  

"Yeah, you never told me what you do."

" I like to stalk pretty girls on twitter" he said laughing. 

" So you are saying I'm pretty?" I answered jokingly.

" Of course " he told me "But seriously, I will be working at the Arena that night.  I help get everything set up.  That's how I got the tickets."

" Oh, that's pretty nice"  

" Yeah it pays pretty well.  I get to travel a little.  Meet pretty girls.  Its okay" 


I was getting another call. It was Alex.  I ignored it.  I could call him back later.  No big deal.  I talked to Edward for what seemed like forever.  The more we talked, the more I couldn't wait to meet him.  I only had another week before the concert.  I wasn't sure if what I was doing was right by Alex, but I wasn't cheating.  Just making friends.  


Edward and I finally said our goodnights a little after midnight.  I got off the phone with a smile on my face.  I rolled over to put my phone on the table.  My phone lit up showing that I had 2 new text messages.


1 from Edward - "Loved talking to you tonight.  Can't wait to talk again.  Sleep tight"


1 from Alex - " Guess I missed you.  I love you".


Oh no, I forgot to call Alex!




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