A Toll Was Taken

This poem was inspired after my best friend became diagnosed with Anorexia. Her eating disorder was just the first step in her life being turned upside down, but it was in response to the chaos her family put her through. I hope people will be able to relate and understand all the hardships this poem points to.


1. complete


She didn’t know what she wanted to be
Innocent or lovely or rebellious or free
She was surrounded by failed love and lost hope
And life took its toll on the beautiful girl

Skin stretched tight across hollow bones
She could no longer be innocent
She was no longer lovely
She was too worn for rebellion
She was too tired to be free
And life took its toll on the beautiful girl

Crying became routine
Eating became less frequent
The girl drowned out her sorrows in her dreams
You were blessed to receive a smile 
Sometimes you caught a glimpse of her old self
In a photograph or a video
The bubbly laugh
The sparkly eyes
But life had taken its toll on the beautiful girl 

And she was beautiful no more.  
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