Finding A Way Back

Harry Styles wasn't famous when he dated Sutton Harris. They were both happy 19 year olds when Sutton got pregnant one day with his kid. They lived happily ever after when their baby was borned but not that happy. Sutton was walking on the streets one day when a truck hit on and caused her Amnesia and she forgot everyone thing, including Harry and her kid. Sutton's mom Ella never liked Harry so she blocked him out of Sutton's life. Because of Sutton's memory loss, she can't remember Harry. But true love always finds away right? or not


1. Prologue

Harry's P.O.V.

I was at the bakery thinking about what do buy for the baby when I heard my cell phone ring in my pocket. It the iPhone 5 vibrated in my pants as I cleaned my hand. I took it out of my pocket as I came to a unfamilliar number. I pressed the button answer as I placed the phone next to my ear.

"Hello? Is this Harry Styles?" The femine voice asked. I nodded.

"Hello? Are you there?" The voice asked again. I realized that I was on the phone and she couldn't see me nodding.

"Yes sorry. Who are you?" I asked confused. How the heck did she find out my first name and last when I clearly have no idea who she is.

"No time to explain. You're on Sutton Harris' emergency contact and..." I didn't bother listening to the end as my eyes rimmed with tears.

"What happened to her?" My voice getting louder as I talked into the phone.

"She was hit by a truck, we would have you at the hospital to explain her injuries." She said sympathicly. I ended the call and told my boss what happened and rushed to the hospital.

I stepped into the hospital, the smell rushing to my nose. Those stupid hospital smell. I went to the front desk and asked for Sutton's room.

"Who are you?" She asked smiling up at me. And also trying to flirt.

"Harry Styles. What room is Sutton Harris in?" I asked narrowing my eyes at her as she blushed and typed something in the computer.

"Who are you to her?" She questioned. Ugh why can't they just let me see her already!

"Her boyfriend and the first person on her emergency list." I smiled showing my dimples hoping she would make this faster. And fortunately, yes.

"She's in roomn 269." She smiled as she scribbled down something on a note. I raised my eyebrow as she handed me what looked like a number. I forced myself to kindly say no and tell her I had a girlfriend and walked away. What a whore.


I waited in the doctor's room to wait for the results.

"Mr Styles, please sit." He said calmly. How could I sit down when the love of my life is in the fucking hospital after getting hit by a truck.

He saw that I didn't sit after a few seconds so he started telling me about her conditions.

She had amnesia.

I walked in her room as she sat on the bed listening to the radio. She always loved music. She stopped the music and looked at me.

"Hi! Are you the doctor the nurse was talking about?" She asked, her voice fulled with happiness. I guess she didn't know she had Amnesia.

I felt tears start watering in my eyes as I ran away from the hospital. As far as I can.

I sat straight up at my dream. It wasn't a dream, it was real. I sat on my bed as I sobbed at the memory. She doesn't remember me and her mom has blocked me from her life. And I wasn't allowed to see her or the 1 year old baby either. I just hope Sutton and Darcy have a good life when I'm gone.


HEY! My first story so don't take it hard on me >.<! So please comment what you think of this story and please like and favorite. xx ~Sutton


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