Chief Galasko

Chief Galasko's back story!

Blood Lust Chapter premieres 2013


1. Chief Galasko's back story

Chief Galasko didn't start off as Alpha.
He started off as a low class Omega under the command of his brother. That is until vampire killed him leaving Chief Galasko with the pack and a un breakable hatred for vampires.
There is nothing he hates more than vampires.

When he discovers a new coven... (The Tomlinson coven) he sets out to destroy them... He lures the rest of them out by leaving one of them barely alive for them to find. But really when they find him he will a,bush and kill them all but the plan got screwed up when he lost sight of the weakened one he took his lack back towards the house thinking he was going back there.

Just wait till he figures out that's not what happened.
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