Collie moved from her small town into a big city. The big city intact. She thinks that Broadway's new musical will help her become famous. But should she have gone a different route?


1. Prologue

We sat in a field watching the sunset. "I love you." He whispered. I tried to respond but couldn't. "Colbie! Colbie!" He started shaking my shoulders. I woke up with a jolt. "Cole! You're almost 19! You can't have me waking you up everyday!" My dad scolded me. "Sorry." I said sheepishly. "Hurry up and get dressed! I'm the pastor an I can't be late!" He said leaving my small room. I sighed. I hate being the preachers daughter. I hate living in a small town. I hate... God is going to get me for saying hate! I thought. Oh whatever. I slid out of bed and walked in my bathroom. I crossed off the date on my calendar. I glanced at the date that had been circled so many times over and over again. July 17th. only one more week. The birthday I turn 19. When my dad said if I could get a job in NYC, he'd let me move there. "I can't wait." I whispered to myself. I went through my morning routine and slipped on my church dress instead of the boring school uniform I wear almost every other day. Lincoln high being the most boring school on earth. I'm so done with them now though.
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