Collie moved from her small town into a big city. The big city intact. She thinks that Broadway's new musical will help her become famous. But should she have gone a different route?


2. Fan?

•••Colbies POV•••
"Bye dad." I said hugging my father who has been there through everything. From moms death, to all the messed up teenage years. "Flight A17 to New York City boarding now!" The loudspeaker lady informed. "I love you. Visit me sometime!" I said with a laugh. He nodded. "Last call for flight A17!" They announced again. I took a deep breath and headed towards my gate dragging my bags behind me. Goodbye small town, hello big city! I went through security surprisingly quickly. As soon as I got on the plane I put in my earbuds an fell asleep. Or tried to at least. 2 little girls behind me wouldn't shut up about some pop star. "Ok. This has to stop." I thought to myself. "Excuse me!" I said turning around. "If you could try to be a little bit quieter that would rock!" I said as cheerfully as possible. One of the girls rolled her eyes. "It's IMPORTANT." She said. "Oh really?" I said easing an eyebrow. "What?" I questioned. "Uh, One Direction of course!" She said pointing to her shirt. I laughed. "You really like these guys don't you!" Her friend and her nodded. "Why don't you try wearing something, oh I don't know. Less flashy!" They started at me in disbelief. I shrugged. "Just try to be quieter thanks." I said turning around. I leaned back in my seat and groaned. This was gonna be a LONG flight. I woke up 2 hours later by the captain telling us we had landed in the airport. I sat up, threw my hair into a sloppy bun, and stood up. I grabbed my things and headed off to baggage claim. Those girls really had
No sense of fashion what so ever. Or dignity at the matter.
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