Collie moved from her small town into a big city. The big city intact. She thinks that Broadway's new musical will help her become famous. But should she have gone a different route?


4. Aye!

I hummed as I walked up the stairs to where I thought my apartment would be. "Watch out love!" A voice called. I slid to the railing an famed way for a group of about 5 boys. "Sorry!" The blonde one called. They disappeared into the auditorium. I kept walking until I finally reached the top floor. I walked down the hall searching for 16J. I scanned the doors and found it. I fiddled with the key until the door swung open. I walked inside. There was a small kitchen, a small bathroom, a big closet, and a living room. It wasn't very big but it would do for one girl. It also had a porch. I walked outside and onto the small terrace. I took in the air that I guess I couldn't say was clean. "
Love?" A voice called. I whirled around.
"How did you get in here!?" I asked, panicked.
"Aye! No worries! I was just returning this." He held out my guitar. I sighed of relief.
"0Thanks." I murmured. He shrugged.
"Don't mention it! I'm Niall by the way." He said smiling.
"Hey. You aren't from around here you?"
He laughed.
"No. Me and the boys-"
I cut him off.
"The boys?"
"Yeah! Harry Louis Liam and Zayn!"
Where have I heard these names before? Oh yeah!
"Oh! You're the reason I didn't get any sleep on the plane ride here!"
He looked lost
I laughed.
"I sat in front of some fans on the plane."
"Yeah. That's the only reason I knew about you."
I shrugged.
"Yup. Before that you would have been just some Irish blonde to me!" He looked hurt.
"In a good way!"
He let out a sigh of relief.
"You should come meet the boys!" He said smiling.
"We'll I-"
He cut me off.
"Ok! Follow me!"
I laughed and followed the little Irish boy. He walked down the hall and into room 16R. I was greeted by 4 boys. "Hello!" One who introduced himself as Louis said. Another named Harry kissed my hand and bowed. Liam gave me a hug and Zayn shook my hand. "I'm Colbie." I said after they told me their names. I glanced into the corner of the room. There was a perfectly black acoustic guitar. "OMG is beautiful!" I said running over to it. "Can you play?"
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