plane crash

eliza is a normal 18 year old girl and had not a care in the world until her mom dad and brother die in a plane crash somewhere in the middle of the ocean she is alone and has nowhere to go no one in her family will take her in not even her god parents so she has to take care of herself until one day one direction finds out what has happend to her then her whole world changes.

this is my first book EVER and i really hope you enjoy it


2. worrys and helping


i was at home waiting for my mom dad and brother to get home i cant wait till they do... they did say they were coming today right? i dont know oh well i hope they will be here soon


9:00 p.m.

i hope they are ok they were supposed to be here at 3:00 maybe there plane got laid over or something like that but they would have told me wouldnt they? 


next day

im really worried now they were supposed to be here yesterday and when i call they dont answer or their line is disconnected have they cut me off? is that why they went? im not a bad person am i? im so confused 


"hey Harry did you hear about that plane crash off the coast of Spain?" i ask "yeah and everyone survived exept a woman a man and their kid" "yeah that one" i say "i want to help out their daughter she is probably heart broken" Liam says walking in "yeah we should go ill find her address" i say.  "ok here it is she lives in america and it says she doesnt know that her parents died yet because her family hasnt told her and her address is 123 randolf avenue burlington nc." i say after a few minuets and i look up to see the rest of the four boys packing "well i guess were going to america" Liam says and i start to pack.


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