plane crash

eliza is a normal 18 year old girl and had not a care in the world until her mom dad and brother die in a plane crash somewhere in the middle of the ocean she is alone and has nowhere to go no one in her family will take her in not even her god parents so she has to take care of herself until one day one direction finds out what has happend to her then her whole world changes.

this is my first book EVER and i really hope you enjoy it


1. the plane crash


were heading home from spain me john and hunter. i cant wait to see eliza!!!!! ive missed her so much....why did i go with these boys..... my thoughts were cut off by a rattle in the plane then i hear the intercom with the captains voice...... "i need all passengers to safely secure all life vests on and  please keep calm" then i look to john and hunter who were directly beside me john was helping hunter put his life jacket on.  Hunter had fear and worry in his eye i did to because he asks me "are you scared mommy?" i had to say no even though i was i had to be strong for hunter my little 5 year old boy who was terrified i say  "no im not, everything is gonna be ok hunter" then john looks at me fear is in his eyes to the he hugs me and whispers "what will happen to eliza" i start to cry "i hope she will be ok, john, we can only hope" hope is the last thing i say before panic breaks out complete and utter chaos then the last thing i see is darkness.


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