plane crash

eliza is a normal 18 year old girl and had not a care in the world until her mom dad and brother die in a plane crash somewhere in the middle of the ocean she is alone and has nowhere to go no one in her family will take her in not even her god parents so she has to take care of herself until one day one direction finds out what has happend to her then her whole world changes.

this is my first book EVER and i really hope you enjoy it


4. meeting the boys


I saw eliza there red puffy eyes brown wavy hair and in a red tank top with long flese pants on "who are you!!!" she screamed "im niall from one direction" i said trying to calm her "im here to help im with all the other boys to we feel really bad" "how!!!!! no one cares about me!!!!!!!! my own family wont even take me in im a terrible person and dont deserve help!"then and there she started to run up to her room when she got there i just waited at the door for maybe 5 minuets then she came out calmer than before "come in" she said as firmly as she could through her shaky voice i signaled the boys to come in they all greeted them selves but as soon as liam walked in she started to cry even more liam back away "no liam come here" i said "so your name is liam........" she said "y-y-yes" he said shakily 


"come here please" she said crying barely getting it out i go over to where she is sitting she whispers "the reason i started to cry is because you remind me of my father and my brother they were almost identical" she keeps crying i sit next to her letting her cry in my shirt which by the way she is soaking but i dont care whatever makes her feel better 



eliza is really pretty with her wavy brown hair even when she cries she is still the most beautiful girl ive ever seen i get cut off from my thoughts by louis "why dont we get to know each other better" she must have stoped crying











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