four best friend find love with the one and only one direction hearts will be brocken and love will blossom


3. With the one I love on the date

Kyras pov

I was getting ready I had on some purple skinny jeans with white collide shirt with stud boot with heel a scarf and my hair was in curls on the side . I can't wait for the date ." U look amazing " Lou said I was so shocked I didn't even hear him come in . " y thank u looking pretty good yourself " kyra said .

Louis pov

She looked like the angle had died and she was the angle . I love her so much " where are we going " she ask " it's a surprise " I said " hate surprisers " she wined " we'll to bad " we finial arrived at the beach that look amazing . " here happy " I said " yes" she replied . We were half way thought the date and I couldn't help myself I lent in and kissed her at first I thought she would reject it and then she kissed me back .

Kyras pov

I couldn't believe it at first but then he kissed me Louis tomlison kissed me fuck yeah . We stop our kiss and then he told my he loves me ." Holy shit do u mean the Lou " " yep with all my heart " he said

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