four best friend find love with the one and only one direction hearts will be brocken and love will blossom


4. Naughty stuff (15+)

Tahlia's pov

Nailler and I are at home watching a movie but I get bored so I start to kiss Niall it's getting deeper if u know what I mean ( wink wink ) " lets take this to the room " he said I was glad he said that . But couldn't wait he shuts the door and I leep on him I rip of his singlet and his pants he dose the same to me so we both r naked on top of each other . Kiss and kiss he hits my weak spot and then I moan it was getting deeper and deeper . Won't go in to to much detail .

Niall pov

I love tahlia so much I think I won't to marry her .

Author's note

Hope u all Injoy my fanfic um just to let every one know all my friends have amazing books they r love triangle , suicidel is the key , why is it so hard to love you thankz Injoy .
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