four best friend find love with the one and only one direction hearts will be brocken and love will blossom


1. Four friends and love

Kristeena's pov
" hey beautiful " kyra said kyra is my best friend with tahlia and Erin . We love one direction in fact they are our best friend because zayn is my boyfriend and yes that means kristeena is zayns girlfriend that's me kristeena . Zayn and I have been dating for a year now and in love with each other . All the boy come around to our flat like every day but gotta love them .

Kyra's pov
" those two are such a cute couple " said Erin . Erin has a massive crush on Harry styles they should get to together because we all know that he has a crush on her to . And tahlia and naill have been going out now for 6 months . And me and Lou kinda have a crush on each other so I hope tonight's the night he asks me out.
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