Back Off

Sydney is in her senior year at high school. And her abusive boyfriend has been trying things with her. But her twin brother and his four mates stand up for her but she has no idea of what's in the future.


4. oh my glob


Sydney’s POV

“How long was I in the hospital”, I asked to Mary-Kate. “A month”, she replied. “You were in a coma”, she said. “How is Liam?” I asked. “He was a mess when he found out you were in a coma”, she said. “But when we got the call that you might wake up he drove your mom over there, he was super excited.”. “Wait, what’s the date?” I asked “June 19th”, replied Mary Kate. “I missed my birthday”, I said in a sad tone. “Oh that reminds me, this is from Omar”, she said laughing while handing me an origami flower. “I told his in the 7th grade he is ugly and I don’t like him and he still likes me as we are going into college”, I said. “Can we?” she asked. “Oh I want to”, I said. “Yes! Time for a burning everyone”,. We heard everyone in the rest of the house cheer. 


*later that night*

   I stared at the fire as I threw in the origami. But my mind wasn’t on that. That wheel chair hurt my but, like really bad it was uncomfortable. I looked over Mary Kate and Harry were getting a little friendly Niall, Louis and Zayn were in a conversation. Liam was looking at them but is face was unfocused. God, why can’t I stop thinking about him? My head started hurting so I wheeled myself to the elevator. I got into my bed and turned on the TV. I watched sponge bob and read some one direction fan fictions. They recently graduated from high school and they went on iCarly so they are all famous now. I liked them.  I was reading one about Niall when I heard a knock on the door. “It’s Liam” he said.  “come in”, I said. “How are you?” he asked. “Awesome”, I replied. “Can I stay here for a bit”, he asked. “Of course”, I said, secretly freaking out. After about an hour of laughing at the Spongebob marathon Liam started talking. “So… um… do you wanna go out sometime”, he asked. I stared at him for a second “Ye…ye…yea”, I said. “Be ready tomorrow at 6”, he said while walking out of the room. Then the door slammed. “Did I just see Liam walk out of here!” said Mary-Kate “We are going out tomorrow”,. She just smiled and walked out of my room.

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