Back Off

Sydney is in her senior year at high school. And her abusive boyfriend has been trying things with her. But her twin brother and his four mates stand up for her but she has no idea of what's in the future.


2. Hospital

"I think she is waking up",. "Where am I", I said. Then I looked around. "Wh-", "Oh your awake", interrupted the doctor as he walked into the room. "Well you knocked your head pretty hard but it looks like you will be okay, here is the medicine and it looks like you can check out whenever, and when you do leave you should ride in this wheel chair for a couple days",.  I didn't listen to a word he said. Liam was there. And his hair it was short.    


                          *back at the house* 

Harry and Mary-Kate were on the couch making out. "Hazza!" Liam yelled. "ERMEGEHRD" yelled out Mary-Kate and she came up and sat on me. "take me to our room". (our house is huge it has mary-kates family, my family and all of the 5 guys families) Mary kate took the wheel chair and took me to the evevator. "Where is he", i asked. "jail", she replied.

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