Back Off

Sydney is in her senior year at high school. And her abusive boyfriend has been trying things with her. But her twin brother and his four mates stand up for her but she has no idea of what's in the future.


1. Go away Carl

"Hey babe", I could smell his foul breath coming through those horrid slits in the lockers. "I told you, we are through", I said. All of a sudden the locker door slams onto me. "And I told you we will always be together", Carl replied. snarling in my face. I could smell the alcohol in his breath. "Hey, what do you think you're doing Carl!", I hear my twin brother Harry yell from down the hall. then I hear a thump and someone's body slid down next to me. Then I felt the soft hands of my best friend/brothers girlfriends on my face.

Hi thanks for reading I will try to update soon.
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