Back Off

Sydney is in her senior year at high school. And her abusive boyfriend has been trying things with her. But her twin brother and his four mates stand up for her but she has no idea of what's in the future.


3. beach fun


Mary-Kate’s POV


“Hey babe”, said Harry. “My elbow tastes like ham and cheese”, I said. Harry burrowed his face in is hands and had a giggle fit. Then he sat down. “Wanna go to the beach”, he said. “Yes!” I yelled back while running upstairs to get my stuff ready.  The way there was silent. Just me playing with Harry’s hand.  When we got to the beach harry and I just chilled in the sun. He eventually fell asleep. So I went and collected a whole bunch of seaweed and wrapped him up in it. Then I found and old water bottle in the sand. I filled it up with cold water from the bathroom. I then poured it on to Harry and he freaked out and chased me into the water. It was his family’s private beach so no one else was there. I walked up to him with a pouty face and said in a sweet voice “, I’m sorry baby”. I started kissing his chest. And getting lower and lower until I was at the top of his swim trunks. I felt something poking at my chest and I saw that Harry had a massive boner. Then I felt his had creeping down into my bikini bottom. He started fingering my area. “Don’t”, I said. But he did. He inserted is fingers. Then he turned me around and pulled down my bikini bottom. As he started to insert himself into me he hit my weak spot with his lips-my neck. It hurt each time he went in. I felt him cum inside of me. “HARRY”, I yelled. He looked at me funny. “if you get me pregnant I swear…” He pulled his trunks back on and walked to the beach.

Back at the house he and I were watching a movie. “sorry”, he said. “its okay” I replied. And we started making out. After a while Sydney came in in a wheelchair.

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