Ensemble of Poems by Daniel Smith

This is a collection of my most recent poems they are written in hopes to get some readers and feedback about what it means to you. This is my first book ever written, and it will outline love, nature, society, friends, and death. Hope you all enjoy


2. Love Sick Awaiting

Wheres that line

That draws friends

From the sublime

To related

It's often began

Never heated

And by the time you slip up - Its been debated

Love has been arrested

Too long you waited


If time is love

Should've it been integral

Instead it was substituded

The will had subsided

Take me through the stages

Fill me in

Was it wasted?


I've been pondering

Could love be an option?

For this misguided arrangement

I fold...

It remains

And I'd...


Pick it up in our first conversation

Made eyes that were bold and brazen

Yell at time for its patience

Live love sick, awaiting

When I tell you right away

Love is not for debating



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