Ensemble of Poems by Daniel Smith

This is a collection of my most recent poems they are written in hopes to get some readers and feedback about what it means to you. This is my first book ever written, and it will outline love, nature, society, friends, and death. Hope you all enjoy


1. Dusty Lane Near the Shore

Names are recounted

On a dusty lane near the shore

I raise my chin

Sustaining thoughts

To suttle winds

Not remembering what for


Those old friends

They mirror recognition

And assert that I've grown

Aware of inhibition


We went about it all wrong

Our fun left us suspended

There weren't many options

As there were befriended


Lessoning, left alone

Laughter is something better known


The rattling limbs

They stalk me...


A short while then

A mossy path

Feeling anonymous


A wind chime acts

Playing out its blunt harmonics:

A shivering tone sequestered in time


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