Zayn Malik

Zayn's back story!!!

Blood Lust the story continues March 21st 2013


1. Zayn's back stoy

Zayn Malik. Bradford Bad Boi...

Zayn is amazing in his own way, a rare creature even as a vampire his self control meter is high up in the charts.
His senses were always strong and they finally came to conclusion Zayn has supernatural senses his strength is boardline super natural as well.
Feeding on humans has made it hard for Zayn to find a girlfriend. He is afraid he might actually feed on her. Just like Liam.

Zayn will do anything for his friends, and Delilah.
Zayn has extra protective meters towards his Coven and the humans that are close to him.
His senses might save the lives of his coven and make them new allies.

Blood Lust the story continues March 21st 2013
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