Skyler green is your average 19 year old girl she has been best friends with louis tomlinson sins they were born but when they were 10 he moved. what happens when they run into each other


1. prologe

my name is skyler im beautiful, I have brown hair with blond highlights, sparkling blue eyes, a care-free personality big hips and a really good personality and a great smile. Im capten of the cheer leading team were called the cheerios i know what your thinking im probably one of those mean bitches that think there so cool but im not i am not a bitch. my best friends are eloenor, prirre, danielle, and cassidy. and my boyfriend is louis tomlinson my and lou have been friens sines we were born. so on with my life

skylers pov

''ahhhhhh lou stop tickling me'' i screamed. ''after you give me my phone back''he replied ''never''i said while hiting lou in the stomach not hard though just enough that he gets off me. I quickly get up and run into the kitchen he runs in after me.

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