Never Coming Back

A short story written by me. (Yes, Liam from One Direction)


1. Never Coming Back


From the pastel yellow, orange and red falling from the trees, it was evident and pragmatic to think that fall had indeed arrived. My feet travelled wherever they wished, I had absolutely no control over them. Slowly, I had come out of my thoughts and found myself at the outskirts of town. Coming home to all the commotion in Yiddish had been a little overwhelming. My mother was neurotic and would not answer my questions as to what had happened. I tried to calm her down, but my father, decided at the wrong time to be an informer and mention the terrible event that had just happened.

            “Liam is gone.”

            I had fallen to my knees, senile, despite the fact that everything in my body told me to get up and stay strong. The whole situation felt like a caricature, nothing that could have occurred without a few months wait. If had known that he was suffering from cancer, or that with every breath his life was coming to an end, I would’ve cherished every last moment we had. The laughs we shared, the pranks we pulled, and most of all, the days we went to Old Man Bryan’s field, laying there for hours planning to get out of the small southern town we lived in. Unlike my family, Liam’s made just enough money to get by. It wasn’t so much that they were paupers, but all his life there weren’t many trinkets to be called his own. With four children and a fairly small house, money was tight. It came as a emotional and financial burden when Liam was diagnosed with cancer last spring. Hostility grew between both of his parents, a menacing divorce hanging above their heads. The only thing that did keep them together was the fact that Liam only had a few months to roam the world.

            As I wrapped my cable-knit wool sweater around me tighter, my heart started to ache increasingly with every beat. My best friend was gone, just poof!, and out of my life.  Passing through the town square, I received many condolences. It was a small town and word quickly spread around. I never quite appreciated how everyone seemed to just adore Liam.  From the cute, lopsided smile, to the always-joyful personality, there wasn’t much to hate about him. I crossed the street to the florist’s cart and bought one little white rose. It reminded me of him, perfect and yet so delicate. Tiny candles flickered in the distance, surrounding a familiar face; a shrine. The corners of my mouth hinted at a miniscule smile. For the second time in the week, my knees gave out as I fell to the paved sidewalk. Everything just hurt. My hands shook, placing the single rose amongst all the other flowers. It was now that I would have to bury my heartache in a bunder. I felt a tear escape from the corner of my eye and more forcefully than was needed, I brushed it away. I knew that life would never be the same without him. I knew that it was time to get up and move past all of this. I knew that he would never come back.

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