I Love You So

Hayden is Harry Styles twin. They were separated
at birth. She grows up in a small town in America as for Harry,
he is in her FAVORITE boy band: One Direction! What will
happen when she finds out he is related to her? Will her friends
think of her as the same person? Will she fall for another member
of 1D?


3. On The Way

Hayden's Point of View

"Hey! You ready?' I say hugging her the best I can. "Yes! I NEED NEW CLOTHES FOR THIS CONCERT!" she yells at me as i begin to drive. I hand her my phone and she knows exactly what to do. "Siri, play playlist 'One Direction Infection' 'Playing playlist." Siri repeats. "I need to tell you something BIG that happened today!" I say jumping up in my seat

 Lexi's Point of View

"WHAT IS IT!' I scream at her. She looks shocked at how excited I was. "Well, I am tencnically going on a date with Josh!" I she screams. I knew who he was talking about today, Hayden. "So, where are you going? What are you doing?" I say excitedly. "We are going to see Safe Heavn at 9. I know we already saw it but I told him I hadn't. It seems like he really cares about ot because I only had to drop like 20 hints for him to get it." she says. she looks really excited and I really need to tell her about Alex. I didn't want to bring her happiness level downs. "Hayden, I really need to tell you something.' I said "What is it? You sound upset. Is Alex targeting you now?" she says looking into my eyes. "No, it's about Josh and Alex. He said that she had been trying to text him again but he has feelings for someone and he wouldn't tell me. I think he might still like Alex and I KNOW he likes you and I reallt didn't want to damper your mood. I spoke to him and I think that he took his mind of of her." I have to catch my breath.

Hayden's Point of View

"Oh, okay." I say beging to drive again. "I really hate her, I wish she would fall of the earth and die." Lexi says. "Now child, don't talk like that!" I yell at her "I hope she goes to hell" I say beginning to smile. Lexi couldn't keep her mouth shut. It's not like me to say something like that. "What, I can't have any fun?' I say jumping out of the car and running into the mall.


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